Benefits of CBD

10 Health Benefits of CBD(cannabidiol)


Benefits of cnnabidiol oil: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is found in marijuana plants.THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD are the main active compounds present in marijuana. They are the most recognized and hence much of research focuses on the two. One thing that makes CBD distinct from THC is that it does not produce psychoactive effects meaning it won’t make you high. After a careful study, researchers concluded that it seems to have natural immunity against the marijuana high. It has anti-inflammatory properties which have deemed it an effective medicinal element. This article will dwell on the top 10 health benefits of CBD.

Anxiety and Depression Relief

  • An exciting property about CBD is its anti-anxiety properties. The good thing about using CBD is that unlike other anxiety relievers, it has no adverse side effects. Research has shown that CBD helps in fighting social anxiety in patients with these kinds of disorders (Social Anxiety Disorders). Pet owners have also claimed that they give this marijuana oil to their pets, especially dogs to treat anxiety issues.
  • Small dosages of CBD also help in keeping a person calm and focused. This ensures that depression is kept at bay. Large doses have sedative effects and hence for the control of these two disorders, small amounts are recommended. these are the relationship between cannabidiol and anti-anxiety

Reduces Epileptic Seizures

  • CBD, if used correctly helps in reducing the frequency and intensity of seizures. When CNN highlighted how Charlotte suffering from dravet syndrome improved, all the attention was focused on this marijuana oil. A survey that included kids having epileptic problems showed that 80% of them had reduced frequency of seizures after taking pure CBD oil. This was after a period of approximately 3 months. This indicates that CBD will be a key element in the treatment of resistant epilepsy.

Fight Against Cancer

  • Alongside other compounds that are present in marijuana plants, CBD has antitumour properties. In multiple cervical cancer varieties (R, R2), CBD was able to stop the cancer cells from multiplying by decreasing their energy hence killing them. It also facilitated the death of tumour cells in cases of leukaemia and colon cancer. So we can say that CBD oil helps for colon cancer
  • CBD, therefore, is a promising cancer treatment that can be used alongside other conventional treatments. It is just a matter of time. However, it is always advisable to get a prescription from medical professionals.

Chronic Pain Reliever

  • CBD present in medical marijuana helps in relieving both acute and chronic pain. It interacts with the brain receptors and the immune system and the result is pain killing effects. It has been used to manufacture sprays that are used to reduce pain in patients such as those of cancer. The key thing would be to separate it from THC so that one does not get high.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties. This reverses the inflammatory effects of the muscles. Therefore, it may help a great deal to reduce menstrual cramps. It helps the pelvic muscles relax hence easing the pain.

Helping in fighting Diabetes

  • Early findings a conducted study show that both CBD and THC have positive effects in slowing down the cell damage associated with Diabetes. This is especially in the early stages of Diabetes. A study shown that CBD inhibits and delays the destruction of insulin producing cells. This shows that these compounds are promising in the treatment of stage 1 diabetes.

Improves Acne

  • CBD reverses the production of sebum, which is the element that blocks the hair follicles creating acne. It also helps the skin to limit oil production. This helps in fighting acne.
  • Stress associated with acne stigma is also minimized by CBD. The prescription, however, should be from a certified medical practitioner.

Increasing Appetite

  • This marijuana oil binds itself to cannabinoid receptors in the body hence regulating the feeding behavior of a person. In low dosage, it also decreases nausea and vomiting.


  • Interactions with weed smokers will show that some of them cannot get sleep unless they smoke a joint. This has been reinforced by scientific proof. One of the side effects of CBD is tiredness, the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Helps curb cigarette addiction

  • This could look ironical since we are using a drug to stop another. However, as we have seen, CBD can be extracted on its own from marijuana plants. It is used to stop nicotine addiction by up to 40%. This shows that if used well, it could come in handy in rehabilitating addicts.

Treating bowel disease

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD combined with THC relieves symptoms of Inflammatory bowel disease. These include diarrhea, abdominal pain and reduced appetite.


It is therefore evident that CBD is an important compound. We cannot exhaust its importances as they are so many. This just shows the many health benefits that comes with puffing that joint.






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