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By August 20, 2017CBD Medical Uses
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All About CBD Oil: CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a partial compound that is found in marijuana plants alongside others such as THC. Contrary to the belief of many, CBD will never get you high, THC will. Both have numerous benefits to the body when used in the right way. Specifically, CBD is extracted and made into an oil that serves so many purposes. More about the CBD oils and their uses will be covered extensively in this article.

Why use CBD oils

In the last 4 decades, CBD has been a heavily sought after compound. This is because of its versatile abilities in helping our bodies. To begin with, CBD interacts in our bodies through the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates the general state of balance(hemostasis) and impacts the mood, sleep, appetite and the hormonal balance. The body has its own cannabinol producing capabilities. However, taking the CBD oil supplements help the endocannabinoid system be complimented and hence functioning efficiently.

CBD also many health benefits. For instance, it reduces depression and also helps in curbing seizures. It is important to know all about CBD oil to get benefits from it.

Forms of CBD oils

  • Pure Form-It is the most common CBD product available. Being a natural hemp oil, it is simply extracted, tested and then packaged. No additives are put into it. These pure oils normally have high quantities of CBD(100mg).
  • CBD Liquids-These are better known as tinctures. They are made by diluting the pure CBD oil into natural oil bases such as alcohol. They also come in many great flavours, making them ideal even for kids. These liquids are ever ready in the market and are relatively cheap as compared to the pure CBD oil.
  • CBD Capsules-Many people prefer capsule supplements. You will find most having fish oil supplements that they take each morning and evening. CBD oil capsules are equally essential. They could substitute all the other supplements, considering the galore benefits they contain. In capsules, the concentration of CBD is not much.
  • Mints-CBD oils are not all internally consumed. We have topical forms of these oils. One of the properties of CBD is that it is inflammatory. Therefore, the oils are normally made into sprays and balms and applied on target areas such as muscles and the lower back.


CBD oils can be found in a majority of online stores. In the United States, for instance, you will also find the oils in many drug stores. Many online sites offer shipment to many countries worldwide.

All About CBD Oil Side Effects of CBD oil

Most of the time, the side effects of using CBD oil are beneficial. For instance, one of the side effects of using CBD is getting sleep. Therefore, a person suffering from insomnia will welcome the use of CBD. Another side effect would be hyperactivity. CBD makes one be super active and boosts the mood. Therefore, when taken in the morning, it would prove to be effective throughout the day. However, there are negative side effects as well. One of them is stomach irritation if large quantities of CBD are taken.


Just like the other oil supplements, CBD uptake is not limited. This is because different bodies do not need the same amounts. Therefore, it would be ideal to try out certain dosages and find the one that is most suitable to you. An alternative would be to seek help from a professional.


We have seen that CBD oils help our bodies a great deal when used correctly. They are essential in ensuring normal functionalities of our systems. These oils have a promising future, especially in the medical sector. With time, more benefits will be discovered, to the benefits of the general public. All About CBD Oil



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