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By August 17, 2017Drug Testing
drug testing

         CBD Oil Blood Test

Drug tests are always a real scare in the workplace especially to those who have used/have ever used any kind of drug. However, there are ways around it and if implemented correctly, one ends up passing drug tests comfortably. We are going to look at 5 essential aspects that one ought to focus on so as to pass a drug test.

  • Type of drug test being TakenThere are different kinds of tests that can be undertaken to determine whether one has used a particular drug. We have the hair test (which is very thorough), cbd blood test and the saliva test. However, the most common test that is adapted by many firms is the urinalysis. A sample of one’s urine is obtained and the various components checked. There are different levels of monitoring and these contribute greatly to the effectiveness of the tests.
  • Types of drugs Tested-Most of the time, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, propoxyphene, amphetamines and benzodiazepines will be checked in one’s system. In marijuana, they normally check for the various compounds that are present (THC and CBD).
  • Span in our systems(Marijuana)-Every person reacts differently to weed use. This is greatly contributed by many factors such as the weight of a person, metabolism, body fat, potency and even the last time you took pot. For a regular user, marijuana compounds will stay in your system and will be present in your urine for 90 days after usage. However, for healthy people, the period can be shorter (45 days). The process can be fastened using certain items to up to 10 days on average.

Other drugs take lesser time in our bodies. Hair tests, which are very detailed, can be able to detect THC and other compounds in the body for years. It is however not popular.

  • Risky Options-There have been very many myths and misconceptions with regards to drug tests. Many people have hurt themselves trying to use methods that are questionable such as –

Home Remedies-People have been convinced that if they take vinegar, bleach, Goldenseal or even niacin will increase their chances of passing a drug test. In real sense, these liquids will not help you even a single bit. In turn, some of them will hurt you. For instance, consuming bleach could corrode your insides.

Synthetic Urine-This applies perfectly especially when one has prior notice of the drug test. Synthetic urine is artificial urine that can be purchased mainly online or even homemade. This urine gives perfect results and won’t be detected as not yours in the lab. However, at some labs, they first the temperature of the urine. Thereby, to bypass this, you should ensure that the urine is not cold.

CBD Oil Blood Test

Diluting Urine-Sometimes, you may lack the synthetic urine altogether. What many resolve to do is to mask the urine. This simply means that they add certain substances to the urine sample to prevent detecting of the illegal substances. These substances do not give accurate results and in many cases raise eyebrows of the personnel in the lab just by looking. There have been cases of people adding detergents to their samples. This leads to the samples getting different colours. This betrays you automatically. It is therefore wise to seek for other better methods.

Substituting samples-In this case, you do not use your own urine sample. You borrow from a friend, neighbour or even a work mate. It mainly works perfectly to those tests that do not have strict monitoring by the authorities. A key thing to note is that you should ensure that the urine is at the right temperatures so as not to raise any suspicion.

  • Varying programs to cleanse the body-The most natural and best way to pass a drug test is to cleanse one’s body. Naturally, one can cleanse through abstaining from the use of weed, doing lots of exercises and having the right diet. Weed contains THC which is stored in the fat cells in our bodies. Therefore, if one gets adequate time (30-45 days) before a drug test, you can be able to get rid of THC in the body.


If the time between the notice and the test is shot, artificial detoxifiers are used to speed up the cleansing. Some drinks when taken may even mask the illegal substance sin the body for up to 6 hours. However, the best advice when you know you have a drug test coming would be total abstinence. You will find certain people consuming the illegal substances even on the eve of the test. I think if you are keen to pass the test, you would not be that careless. You will find that mostly these tests lead to the firing and hiring of employees hence it is very vital to test negative.


Cleansing the body could involve flushing your body. This could be a little bit tricky as it involves drinking lots of water. The result is that you will urinate a lot and still give a clear sample that will not likely have illegal substances. However, you will find that many labs will deem samples such as those ineligible for testing.

While cocaine and heroin will last for approximately 4 days after which they are undetectable, marijuana will take longer. It is therefore prudent to know what the drug test will be focusing on so as to take the necessary precaution measures. There are home kits that one can use to see if they have gotten rid of the illegal contents in the body before the test.



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