Can CBD Rejuvenate The Balance Of Your Life?

By August 4, 2016Stress

You are probably reading this article, or you have probably stumbled here in the first place primarily because you must be going through some kind of physical or emotional trouble that has been haunting for quite some time, making you think that perhaps you are losing control of your life and everything is spiraling down south.

Assuming that you have already tried most of the common modes of treatments, including every single possible synthetic medicine available and gained nothing of benefit, you must be now looking to try something new, perhaps in desperation or with the desire to experiment something new.

It is situations like these that forces us to think outside of the box, and hence we stumble onto alternative solutions, in this case, namely Medicinal Marijuana.

So, Can CBD help you to regain balance? The answer to that question is not as much straightforward as a simple yes or no! I won’t be boring you with a heap load of details now, but let me give you a little insight before I give you the answer which you are looking for.


What causes such imbalances?

I don’t think that I have to stress the importance of how much interlinked every single aspect of our life is connected to the well-being and health state of our body. I think walking in the shoes of a patient, you know much more about this experience than I could possibly comprehend.

While it is true that in such troublesome times, the body somewhat feels to give up on everything, I feel obliged to tell you at this point, that as long you are breathing, there is hope to regain a sense of balance. When you were born, if you were in a completely healthy state, then it is very much possible to revert back to that healthy state once again! If you were somehow challenged, then it is yet again very much possible to mitigate the level of pain that you might have to endure in order to lead a normal and healthy life.

Before finding a cure however, it is crucial to understand the factors which come into play that hampers to healthy balance of your life and in your biology. Remember what they say? A healthy body is the key to having a healthy spirit! It has been theorized after countless research regimes, that the following incidents might play a great role in breaking down both the condition of your health and body:

  • A severe emotional distress from your past or recent times might result in your mind conjuring up destructive thoughts.
  • Bad habits such as excessive smoking or drinking might eventually lead to breaking you down.
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Some kind of Physical Injury
  • Sever Nutritional Defect
  • Lack of minimum exercise

Did you notice the pattern here? Various different aspects of your life are working here to force you into a vulnerable state, and it is essential to take care of each and every single one of these to ensure that your whole life is following a good and healthy cycle. 


So, what is the role of CBD here?

In short, CBD is one of the most influential nutritional component to give your endocannabinoid system the boost it requires to shift the total state of the body towards healing. You can think of CBD being a catalyst that encourages and speeds up the healing mechanism of the body to work more efficiently and effectively. And this can be boasted to the extent of calling CBD a total nutritional powerhouse!

Let’s get a little bit deeper into the mechanism of the Endocannabinoid system now. The ECS is basically the complex psychological network enclosed within the human body which holds the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body that corresponds to the acceptance of Cannabinoid inside the body. These Cannabinoid receptors are very closely connected to the biochemical machinery required to further synthesize and create the Cannabinoid present within the region of our brain that controls the level of emotions and controls the level of fear and stress.

When CBD is consumed, it not only helps to fill up the nutritional requirements of the body, it actually helps to a greater extent to bring sweep away the diseases haunting your body. Alternative treatments using CBD has been well known to be able to tackle or even completely erase various kinds of diseases that are mostly incurable by common synthetic medicines including Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Mood Disorders, Sickle Cell Anemia, AIDS and even some sever forms of Cancer, that too without any possible or recorded side effects!

Since I have already established the huge impact your health condition and nutritional values have in the whole tapestry of your life, you can see now that CBD being a super-agent helping to both supply the body to meet up with most of its nutritional deficiency while tackling the diseases, the contribution of CBD here is manifolds.


It Does Not End There…

That takes care of some of the problem, but like I said, a balanced life runs with a conjunction of various interconnected moving parts, CBD might help you keep some of those parts right, but if you don’t tend to the other aspects of your life, then things will start to fall down yet again.

In addition to taking up CBD, here are some simple solutions which you may utilize to at least help you to rejuvenate the essence of balance in your life:

  • Ayurveda: This is a compilation of a very ancient form of healing technique to tend to the whole mechanism of the body. You could do a little research on the 21 day Panchakarma.
  • Functional Medicine: This is nothing but making sure that any and every medicine that you take is actually effective and it’s not going in vain. Synthetic medicines always carry a baggage of side effects with them, and if you don’t take the correct one, then these side effects will only compile up causing even more harm than good.
  • Meditation: Following a regular Meditation pattern is essential in removing stress and invoking your body to let of entrapped emotions.
  • Flotation: This is an alternative form of meditation that is achieved by relieving the body of all worldly troubles by entering into a sensory deprivation tank for a prolonged period, typically 1.5 hours for beginners.
  • Yoga: The health benefits acquired from exercise, or simply moving your body is endless, Yoga is a very specialized form of exercise that allows the whole body to actively ease up on the stress levels and free up the spirit and mind.
  • Nutrition: Following a healthy diet is important to make sure that you body is getting all of the required nutrition to work properly, try to remove processed sugars and foods by replacing them with a bucket load of green organic vegetables.
  • Let Go of the Trauma: Holding on to something uneven that happened in your past is never a good thing as sad and suppressed memories often surfaces up with a jolt of negative emotions and pessimism that directly affects the psychological condition of the body. Therefore, trying to let go of these issue is high crucial.

The journey to achieving complete wellness is not easy and sadly, a single magical potion or elixir does not exist to cure everything all at once! But if the whole problem is broken down into small individual parts, then tackling them becomes much easier.

CBD is not going to pose as the total solution in this case, but it will stand as a solution to a multitude of problems that will altogether contribute to the bigger picture.



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