Can CBD be used to treat high blood pressure?

cbd blood pressure

It’s apparent that high blood pressure is a condition that affects many people in the world. Lack of exercise, obesity, and eating a diet heavy with salt are just a few causes of high blood pressure. A single look at the modern lifestyle is all that is needed to understand why millions of the world population suffers from the condition.

Many studies have been conducted and have revealed that CBD might be effective when used alongside therapeutic lifestyle changes, in managing hypertension. Though therapeutic lifestyle changes are critical for long-term management of high blood pressure, alternative responses are also needed. So, the big question is, can CBD be used to lower blood pressure?

The dilemma with conventional approaches

Beta blockers are the commonly prescribed medications for persistent high blood pressure. Basically, they try to minimize the heart’s overall workload. Other forms of medications aim to open up blood vessels or stop the production of certain chemicals which cause blood vessel constriction. In short, there are various approaches to regulating blood pressure; however, they usually come with a lot of side effects:

  • Asthma symptoms
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat

Unsurprisingly, many patients choose to stay away from problems linked to daily hypertension pills. Instead, they concentrate on lasting solutions, such as therapeutic lifestyle changes and incorporating their diets with natural supplements, such as potassium. CBD fits flawlessly into this all-natural routine bearing in mind, it is considered safe to use.

Lowering blood pressure

If the studies done so far are to be gospel truth, CBD can play a big role in reducing high blood pressure. Even a single dose of CBD was confirmed to be enough in managing hypertension.

The science behind the majority of CBD’s recent medicinal applications remains roughly understood. For example, although CBD has proven over and over again to effectively treat severe forms of epilepsy in young kids, the mechanism through which it achieves this remains a mystery.

How exactly does CBD work for high blood pressure?

Here is a brief summary of the research on Cannabidiol as a remedy for hypertension.


Vasorelaxant is defined as the “decrease of vascular pressure” or “reduction in tension of blood vessel walls”. Blood pressure is largely related to vasorelaxation.

A research conducted by a team from the U.S tried to study CBD’s characteristics in a laboratory setting. Basically, they experimented with a range of circulatory system aspects, such as aortae and arteries from both humans and lab rats. CBD proved to encourage vasorelaxation via their several Petri-dish experiments.


This entails the way blood flows within the body tissues and organs. More studies are required to confirm CBD as a hemodynamic regulator. Though some research claim there is little change in blood pressure, other explorations show positive and remarkable results.

Most studies that suggested CBD reduces blood pressure were checking blood pressure instantly after dosing. Research investigating CBD for persistent high blood pressure tended to discover limited changes to hypertension.


Blood pressure and inflammation usually go hand in hand. CBD’s anti-inflammatory traits are well acknowledged, hence its increase in popularity as an alternative medicine. Many diseases and ailments, after all, have a potent inflammatory component.

In short, CBD could help lower blood pressure by minimizing chronic inflammation. A study conducted in 2010 shown CBD reduces inflamed myocardial (muscular tissues in the heart) in rats. Surprisingly, this is the only break when it comes to CBD cardiovascular protective traits.

Caution for blood pressure patients

The science of CBD in regards to blood pressure management is compelling; however, but a word of caution is required. For any patient using blood pressure pills, it is imprudent to take CBD and its allied products alongside these pills without consulting a doctor first.

CBD and Grapefruit act similarly on hepatic medications. These are medications that metabolize in the liver. They restrain the liver’s ability to efficiently and quickly process many prescription pills. In short, CBD monopolizes certain receptors essential for breaking down the drugs.

All said and done, before making any changes to your current treatment plan, always talk to your doctor for correct information on dosing and potential interactions.



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