CBD As The Best Regression Life Hack For The Addicted

By July 10, 2018CBD Medical Uses, CBD News
cbd regression addicted

Relapses are no joke and its symptoms can definitely scare those who are trying their very best to get rid of their vices and addictions.

People with healthy lifestyles often ask, “Why do most people get addicted to drinking and smoking when it doesn’t even taste that good?”

Sometimes it’s not the taste that solely leaves a sensation of euphoria to its user. It’s usually the main ingredient in a vice that makes them attached to it despite knowing its harmful effects to the body. Wine and beer usually have an alcohol mix that leaves a sensual burn to the throat and stomach while cigarettes and most vape juices contain nicotine; a highly addicting drug.

So, how can something like CBD even help an addict recover and or avoid relapsing? Isn’t it an ingredient of the highly addicting marijuana?

CBD and Relapses

There is still an ongoing debate about CBD hemp oil being helpful in any way for a recovering addict. However, if you know what CBD is capable of, it is a non-psychoactive and a non-addicting ingredient that can be separated solely from marijuana. It doesn’t take rocket science for anyone to understand that marijuana definitely has a number of potential capabilities to cure diseases as well as fighting off infections and relapses.

Friedbert Weiss, the leader of an investigative team in California who researches about the potential medical powers of CBD has proposed that CBD can indeed be useful as a therapeutic ingredient due to its potent capabilities as well as its non-addicting properties. This discovery might just be what striving abstinent drug addicts need to prevent themselves from backsliding on their difficult journey to becoming clean and drug-free.

In order to complete their study, Weiss decided to test it out first on rats. The rats voluntarily consumed alcohol as well as cocaine and as expected, the rats began showing signs of addiction and drug dependency. After the rats had grown accustomed to these substances, Weiss and his team administered that CBD infused gel be applied to the rats’ skin once a day for a week straight. Not only that but they were also exposed to severely stressful situations in order to see how they would react and try to cope. The rats had shown signs of impulsive activity that signals how drug users relapse during certain situations that calls for a dose of their favorite illegal substance.

Nevertheless, since the rats had also already been given the gel with CBD as its active ingredient, they have also presented signs of resistance and lesser relapsing tendencies. Not only that but it was also seen that anxiety levels in the rats dropped upon physical consumption of the gel.

Weiss said that rats with histories of addiction to heroin, cocaine and alcohol were efficiently treated using pure CBD oil. This could potentially be applied to treating human beings using different kinds of drugs. The study’s results serve as proof that CBD crystals isolate can potentially prevent relapses. With just a short treatment, results last long. And former drug users in varying states of vulnerability will benefit. There are differing reasons why addicts relapse and CBD serves as a solution for all of these. This shows it is more effective than methods that treat only one reason.

Their research has proven to be effective in proving its point. However, rats and human beings are different in so many ways. Unlike animals, humans are a whole lot more difficult to control in terms of coping with their drug addiction. Beside that, CBD Oil helps with Insomnia also.

Abstinence in today’s world is a difficult challenge for most people. Everyone encounters stress at some point in their everyday lives and needs a temporary escape plan or coping mechanism to remain calm. Hence, most people turn to drugs and for those who are trying to get rid of illegal substances in their system usually end up going back to their old ways. Since drugs give an illusion of getting rid of your problems as well as anxiety and paranoia, it can be really difficult to turn into a new leaf.

But even so, it’s definitely a good start for those who are very determined to clean their system.



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