CBD for Your Bones: A Groundbreaking Discovery

By August 22, 2016Studies

As of recent years, CBD has been garnering a whole lot of attention thanks to the legalization act making the usage of CBD legal in various states as well as for its rising popularity in being one of the strongest and potent alternative medicine out there, curing hundreds of diseases which were once thought to be completely incurable.

This is a very high time for CBD users or patients who are fed up of using all the synthetic medicines that come with a baggage of multiple side effects after prolonged usage.

Every single day, new and more elaborate researches are being perform to further enhance the development and usefulness of CBD, bringing more insight to the subject matter after each discovery. Following the rising tides comes the latest, and perhaps the most unexpected revelation in the medicinal Marijuana field.

It apparently seems that aside from tackling a multitude of diseases such as AIDS, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s, CBD can also be used to accelerate the recovery of broken bones and actually help into speeding up the restoration process!

Shocking right? this particular news dropped our jaws as well, but the science to back it up is pretty strong and convincing, and we believe that this might be the next revolutionary step that alternative medicinal field needed to establish a much stronger ground.

A very common concept that is followed when bones are fractured is that, they won’t be able to get back to their working form unless they have been gained back their former strength right?

This was the basis that led to the initiation of the study at the Hebrew University Bone Laboratory in Israel where researchers did a very thorough experiment of about 8 weeks to come to the conclusion that CBD consumption actually enhances the healing procedure of femur.

Once they found this surprising result, they moved forward into researching it further by mixing up varying doses of THC to go with the CBD contents, in this case their results were pretty disappointing as they found out that the healing acceleration went through a considerable decline in contrast to treating the fracture with CBD alone. This simply meant that the healing properties of the bone are directly inter-linked to the consumption of CBD alone, instead of its psychoactive cousin THC.

Scientists therefore were since able to conclude that CBD might help to a greater extent in helping you to recover from a fracture.

The research was further supported very strongly by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, who took the whole study even further by using specialized tomography machines to precisely measure the bone density of the fractures and mark its healing progress at various points of the timeline, specifically at 4, 6 and 8 weeks’ marks. This led them to gain a huge advantage over their research as they were now able to accurately determine the level of collagen forming inside the bones and co-relate them with the concept of how CBD was helping to accelerate the process.

With all of these prolific elevations taking place in this field, the whole demand for legalizing CBD and starting to use it for all of its potential benefits is now larger than ever and this single discovery is going to send shockwaves into the medicinal community as well, ranking up the awareness of CBD to a level that was not anticipated by anyone.

CBD just might be the next big solution in brining your bone back into shape quicker that ever thought possible!



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  • Geralt says:

    While the claims that are made here in this article are absolutely solid, I would still like to get some hands on proof before completely believing this. I was looking for a similar article actually, and this one helped me a great ton to fill me up with the information which I was looking for.

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