CBD, A Cure For Cancer Patients

The advent of CBD have served as a blessing to many people who are struck with these ailments. Since it has been researched to help in the cure of many diseases, more doctors are trying out the possibility of it killing more dangerous diseases which ails patients.

One of the many diseases it kills is cancer, it help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy reduce the pain that they pass through. Chemotherapy causes a very devastating side effect on them and usually wreck their social and family life.

Patients in this condition always finds it difficult to cope when well meaning family wants to feed them because the food that they eat becomes tasteless coupled with the nausea and vomiting which makes them more uncomfortable.

This is why more doctors and researchers have indulged into finding out more about the effect of medical cannabis in patients with, of course, the help of the patients.

Though oral capsules of CBD is given to cancer patients to help with the nausea and vomiting associated with it but doctors are willing to find out if the drug helps them reduce nausea during and after chemotherapy. But despite this, it has already being established that CBD helps cancer patients immeasurably and more ways are being researched to know how best to formulate and administer the drug, how well it might work, how safe it is and what the long term side effects and harms.

Scientific approach of CBD on cancer patients

Looking from the scientific angle as this will give more hope to patients and their families and a better understanding of the side effects and the ideal dosages administered. This will make producers of medical cannabis to produce suitable formulations, delivery methods and the cannabinoid contents.

This will also help the authorities to decide on the medical cannabis to approve and the conditions which it will be so it can be made safety for patients who need them.

Many patients, also, do not use medical cannabis because of the fear of breaking the law even though they need it so it is necessary for medical cannabis to be looked into, approved and should be supervised by qualified practitioners to maximise the benefit to patients and also, manage the side effects which can come up.

Fact about the growth and death of cancer

Research have shown that in every cell in the body, there’s a family of interconvertible spingholipids that specifically manages the life and death of the cells. If the metabolite sphingosine (cereamide) is high then cell death is imminent. If ceramide is low, the cell is strong in its vitality.

So when the THC connects to the CBD1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell, it causes an increase in the ceramide which drives cell death. A normal healthy cell does not produce ceramide in the presence of THC which is not affected by the cannabinoid.

So, the cancer cell dies because of a shift in mitochondria. Within most cells , there is a cell nucleus, numerous mitochondria and various other organelles in the cytoplasm. The important of this mitochondria is to produce energy for cell use. As ceramide starts to accumulate, turning up the Sphingolipid Rheostate increases the mitochondria membrane pore permeablity to cytochrome c, a protein in energy synthesis. When this cyctochrome c is pushed out of the mitochondria, it kills the source of the cell energy.

However, to solve this, large amount of CBD should be taken constantly to help in the accumulation of ceramide in the body which will keep metabolic pressure on the cancer cell.

Result of the study of CBD on Cancer patients

Trials have shown the benefit of medical cannabis with no overwhelming side effects. It has also shown that spray form of cannabis containing THC and CBD in equal amounts seem to reduce nausea and vomiting in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The result showed that there was a reduction on the side effect suffered by cancer patients and doctors clamoured for a more rigorous clinical trial using a capsule.

The oral capsule contains equal amount of CBD and THC which is more effective and have fewer side effects on patients.



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