CBD Might Just Be The Best Anti-depressant Ever!

By May 3, 2017Anxiety
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When it comes to the large number of different psychological symptoms that plague mankind, it is almost impossible to find a proper and truly “effective” cure for any of them.

Doctors still tend to electrocute a person to take away his/her multiple personalities! That alone should give you an idea of how archaic the available treatment options for psychological problems are.

And the number of available treatments even further limits itself when it comes to depression or anxiety.

Most of the time medications such as anti-depressants are prescribed. But the possibility of them actually working is very low.

These drugs often takes weeks or even months before it actually starts to work and a patient starts to feel better.

Even after that, there’s the unavoidable fact that these anti-depressants are highly addictive and carry a plethora of different side effects with them, that will jump upon you like a hyena, should you choose to quit taking the drugs.

And perhaps the worst part is that, due to its low success rate, it only tends to work for 1 out of every 3 patient!

However, the good news is that there are some good alternatives to anti-depressants that come in the form of medicinal marijuana!

Medicinal marijuana has been around for a really long time now and more and more people are slowly getting to know about to medical benefits of marijuana.

In fact, hundreds of cases that are particularly related to depression and anxiety have been rising recently, claiming that the patients were greatly relieved due to exposure to medicinal marijuana.

It should be noted though that when we are talking about medicinal marijuana, we are not talking about THC which is the strain of Marijuana that contains psychoactive properties that tend to give you a feeling of “high”.

CBD Oil And Antidepressants

Instead, we are talking about its non-psychoactive sibling known as CBD which has been proven to hold all of the medicinal and relaxing properties of THC minus the psychoactive tendency.

The success rate of CBD has been researched and studied more and more these days and in recent years, it is considered as somewhat of a miracle medicine!

What is the relationship between CBD and antidepressants? Not only CBD has an incredibly high success rate when it comes to treating epileptic seizures, it is now proven to be a very strong contender as a completely natural anti-depressant!

A study was done on OBX mice (mice which were surgically modified to simulate the conditions of human depression) where the results showed that mice who were treated with CBD showed an immediate improvement in their condition!

Just after 30 minutes of CBD administration, the mice showed a general decline in hyperactivity which is a symptom of anxiety and depression present in human beings.

Considering that the results from these mice are possible to be extrapolated to human beings, they were extremely promising!

To quote the researchers

“Our findings indicate that CBD could represent a novel fast anti-depressant drug, via enhancing both serotonergic and glutamate cortical signaling through a 5-HT1A receptor-dependent mechanism”.

Unfortunately though! Due to Cannabis having a schedule I status, it has been extremely difficult for scientists to conduct studies on the subject matter.

But that could change very soon thanks to the CARERS Act recently passed by the congress.

This act would remove Cannabidiol from the controlled substances act altogether, rescheduling it to Schedule II!

This news should come as great joy and a sign of hope to researchers, doctors and advocates as now they would be able to conduct their experiments and researches regarding cannabis and depression with absolute ease!

Keeping everything aside though, the fact that CBD is actually excellent in treating depression and that it works within just under an hour is an admirable and extraordinary discovery to say the least! so we can say that CBD oil is a kind of antidepressant.

Millions of people out there in the US alone are suffering from depression and they have to keep taking harmful anti-depressants due to not having any other available treatment!

CBD could help these people to get rid of their depression and enjoy their life as it was meant to be!

Given the rise in popularity, it won’t be long that human trials are done. It could be in the form of an controlled study, or it might be done in a form of an observational study where a patient (who is already taking CBD) is observed for a period of time.

Either way, if the results of these tests show the same positive efficacy as with the mice, then we might very well be looking at the best natural anti-depressant ever to exist!

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