CBD Oil For Healthy Pet Treatment

By December 24, 2017Clinical Trials, Pets

Researchers have discovered that apart from humans, medical Marijuana can also help pets, especially dogs that suffer from; inflammatory causing diseases, nausea, pain, seizure, anxiety, cancer, and arthritis. It is important to note that dogs and human beings are not of the same strength. Therefore CBD oil meant for human beings can be toxic to dogs. Firms are already making oils that are fit for dogs using Marijuana extract.

Even though Veterinary groups are still cautious about medical marijuana for animals, dog owners who have used CBD oil says that the treatment is actually working by helping their dogs with chronic pain and anxiety.

Melinda Hayes from Los Angeles operates a Marijuana delivery service and has been providing her 11 years old dog with CBD oil as a treatment for arthritis. Ever since she introduced her rescue dog to the treatment, she has seen great health improvement and minimal side effects that are only limited to increased thirst and sleepiness.

Joyce from Kansas City, Missouri also gives her Dog CBD oil on a daily basis to help with pain resulting from a bad hip. Before this treatment, Joyce would call her dog many times and even pushed her off before she could go outside. However, since she began feeding her dog with CBD oil, she is able to jump right down from her chair and even walk outside.

Dr. Sarah Brandon is a veterinarian who specializes in Marijuana products. She notes that dogs do not like getting high since it is strange and scares them. Therefore, any Marijuana product meant for pets has extremely low levels of THC which is psychoactive compound found in Marijuana.

It is usually stressful for pet owners to see their old dogs suffer from joint pains and other terminal illness. Frequent visits to the veterinary can also be more traumatizing and costly. According to CBD oil manufactures, most pet owner usually uses their products as a last resort to treat their ailing pets.

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The best CBD oil for your pet

Veterinary medicine experts suggest that when choosing CBD for your Dog, it is important to ensure that it is organic because, if it is not organic then there is a high likelihood that it has pesticides, fungicides or solvents which can also be toxic to your pet.

Getting a high-quality CBD oil will always require that you to dig a little bit deep into your pockets, which is worth it considering what you are getting for your dog is pure and quality oil. Discourage yourself from categorizing CBD shops according to price because what your dog requires is oil without additives and with excellent levels of CBD. It is important to ask your shop for the analysis regarding the amount of CBD Just to ensure it is in good amount. Knowing the amount of THC in the oil is also important so that you can tell whether it will have a psychoactive effect on your dog or not.

The best CBD for your dog would be the one in tincture form because it will allow for adjustment of dose from one drop to another and help with achievement of most benefits. Most CBD oil should come with usage instructions but, the general advice is to gradually start your dog on the dose until they get used to it.

The most encouraging news from researchers regarding CBD oil for pet is that it has approved health benefits which are safe and legal. In the event that you need to use CBD for a long treatment for your dog, it will still have no toxic effect. Most pet owners are slowly getting drawn to the use of CBD oil to promote their pet’s Cardiovascular Health, relieve pain and diet improvement.

CBD oil designed for pets could just be healthy oil for your dog.



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