Motion sickness refers to a condition where a person has a disagreement between what they perceive visually and the movement sense in their vestibular system. The commonest symptoms of this disease are vomiting and nausea. Patients get these symptoms when moving or while being transported. According to several experts, motion sickness is related to sensory functions directly. As such, they recommend improving the symptoms of it with substances that stimulate the nervous system and the endocannabinoid system. The direct connection between the symptoms of this disease and these systems is not established yet. Nevertheless, studies have shown that CBD works faster when used to relieve motion sickness than most conventional drugs.


CBD as a Possible Relief Supplement for Motion Sickness?

Experts have observed that symptoms like vomiting and nausea while moving are due to the defense mechanism of the body that responds to neurotoxins. The brain’s postrema area is responsible for inducing nausea as well as vomiting when the body detects poisons. This area also corrects inconsistencies between vision and balance. The sensory nerves in the inner ear signal the brain about the sensed motion when a person feels motion that can’t be seen by the eyes. Unfortunately, the eyes send a contradicting message since they can’t visualize the motion. This discordance compels the brain to “think” that one of the sent messages is erroneous. As such, the brain thinks that there are poisons in the body thereby commanding it to vomit.

Scientists have established that CBD has antiemetic properties that enable it to control nausea. This implies that it may help with motion sickness. Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms among patients that have undergone chemotherapy therapeutic aids or after surgery. Pregnant women also experience these symptom as well as people with viral illnesses and cancer. Though preliminary evidence shows that the antiemetic properties of CBD make it effective in relieving vomiting and nausea, experts do not recommend direct use of marijuana. Instead, they recommend the use of pure CBD products because they are the safest and they don’t have side effects.


CBD To Relieve Motion Sickness Symptoms

Currently, there is strong support for the use of CBD in improving the symptoms of motion sickness. Organizations like the American Institute of Medicine and the British Medical Association have also complied researches that are related to the use of CBD in improving the symptoms of this condition. Nevertheless, before you use CBD to relieve motion sickness, it’s important that you talk to a physician about it. Also, browse through this website to learn more about different CBD products.