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cbd back pain

Chronic back pain is undoubtedly a very excruciating and painful problem.

Unfortunately, however, only the people who are actually suffering from this disease are able to fully understand the pain behind it. If you are not in their shoes, then you will never be able to understand what they are going through and you won’t be able to do anything other than sympathize!

Presently, a good number of possible treatment methods for chronic back pain exist, but all of them are limited in one way or another. Initially they tend to work, but they often fail in the long run as they become ineffective after a certain point.

Not only that! Most of the allopathic medicines that are prescribed for chronic back pain treatment often lead to serious side effects including internal organ failures.

Even still, if chronic back pains are left untreated they could very well lead to the patient going through a surgery after failing to cure it through physiotherapy or neuropathy.

The most common medications available

Perhaps the most commonly prescribed medication for chronic pain are NSAIDS which are essentially inflammatory medicines that tend to ease the pain.

Examples of NSAIDS include Voltaren, ibuprofen and sometimes Valium which is used due to its relaxing properties.

Any person who might be diagnosed with back pain, bursitis or any other kind of back pain/inflammation is mostly prescribed ibuprofen due to its versatility when it comes to dealing with inflammatory pain.

NSAIDS are undoubtedly the most preferred and effective treatment currently available for inflammations and other nerve and muscle pain. However, as mentioned earlier, these medicines carry a huge baggage of different side effects with them.

Even if they are used according to their prescribed dosage, prolonged usage could very well lead to gastro-intestinal disorders such as crams, constipation or stomach ulcers.

Some patients have also been reported to have suffered from corticosteroids due to the fact that these medicines tend to weaken the immune system as well.

Typical causes of back pain

Our spinal cord is made up interconnected intervertebral discs that are located in between the vertebrae. These discs act as a kind of shock absorber or cushion that helps to improve mobility while absorbing any shock to protect the spinal cord from damage.

Degeneration of these internal discs often results in the patient suffering severely. In fact, degeneration of these discs is largely considered to be a main cause of chronic back and neck pain.

Even though almost 25% of the total American populations have been reported to be suffering from signs of IVD, they are still lacking a proper and effective treatment or therapy program that comes with no side-effects.

Degeneration of the discs also occurs due to lack of water and essential sugar, aging, deficiency and inflammation of some parts.

According to a recent research done by the National Academies, about 100 million people in America live with chronic back pain!

Can CBD work?

To answer it shortly, Yes! It very well can. CBD oil good for chronic back pain

Through a series of multiple studies, the efficacy of CBD when it comes to dealing with chronic back pain has been shown over and over again.

One of the more recent ones took place in March 2015, where the connection between Cannabinoids and their effect on chronic back pains were explored.

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) is a compound of Cannabis that is well known for not being psychoactive unlike its cousin THC.

There, it is well suited for the body and the body itself is able to very easily adapt to CBD ingestion as natural CBD receptors exists in the body!

What about CBD oil dosage for back pain?

The study showed that high dosage of CBD Oil has a very strong anti-degenerative effect that could very well be used to prevent intervertebral disc degeneration and also treat severe cases of them.

Several other studies also proved the medicinal benefits of CBD in various other medical applied where it was proved that CBD has the potential to prevent and even cure diseases that were previous though to be untreatable by allopathic medicines.

With recent discoveries, intervertebral disc regeneration is simply now a part of the ever growing list of possible medical benefits of CBD!

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