CBD Tinctures and How to Make Them

By June 13, 2018CBD News, CBD Products
cbd tincture

What Is a CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are medicinal solutions. You can get a cannabidiol (CBD) tincture through the dissolution of weed in alcohol. These usually come in bottles with droppers for ease of dosage, measured at ½ ounce.

The CBD levels in these tinctures usually range from ten to twenty five percent. The concentration of CBD is a lot higher compared to what you will usually see in an average weed strain.

Just a few drops of the tincture is needed for you to feel the results. In thirty to ninety minutes, your disposition will be improved without the stronger psychoactive effects.

Where did CBD Tinctures Come From?

The tincture as a form of extracted CBD has existed for 100 years or so. The United States Pharmacopoeia even featured it for its sedating and painkilling properties. This was until 1942, when the movie Reefer Madness labelled it as a threat to society. This caused unjustifiable paranoia in USA’s legislative department, fearing that it would put an end to the country as they knew it.

You can’t really blame the politicians. They just followed William Randolph Hearst, who believed that hemp was a menace to his companies that sold timber and paper. He succeeded in his war against weed.

Compared to timber, hemp has better flexibility, fire-resistance, durability, and strength. It could have served as a foundation for the USA’s society of industry had it been legalized.

Pharmaceuticals and scientists started to regain interest in CBD tinctures in the 1980’s due to the substance’s medicinal benefits.

Alas, Marinol, the first ever prescription pill containing weed extracts, was a failure. This was because it had no CBD, containing THC only. The people who manufactured the product later on realized that CBD played a big role when it comes to the therapeutic attributes of marijuana. This was further improved when put into a combination with THC. This combination created a treatment that was a lot more complete. This took advantage of the entourage effect wherein the medicinal properties of one substance amplified that of another substance.

How CBD Tinctures are Made

You can make CBD tincture using various methods. Most of them have you using an electric cooker and alcohol of high proof. This sounds dangerous, which is why we devised our own tincture recipe that is not only free of alcohol but is also high quality.

That last sentence may have made you step back. How can it be a CBD tincture if it does not have any alcohol? Alcohol may be standardly used as a solvent due to it being able to effectively extract CBD, but there are other options. Alcohol that is pure can be flammable and expensive, which is why looking for alternatives is critical.

Glycerin is an ingredient used in food that is completely safe for consumption, which can also be used as a solvent. You’d only need a small eight-ounce bottle, which can be bought at Wal-Mart and on Amazon.

The extraction process used is cold maceration. This is good in maintaining weed’s integrity and preserving its terpenes. It also tastes sweet, which adds flavour to the oil.

The tincture you make using glycerine has a lowered concentration compared to those made using alcohol. This can be easily fixed by taking bigger doses.

Here is the recipe for CBD tincture:

  1. Grind your kief, nugs and/or flower shake that is high in CBD. Use at least one ounce. Do this until it is fine. You can use a coffee grinder or blender if you need to grind a lot.
  2. Get your glycerin and powdered weed. Put the two inside a jar made of glass and tightly seal it.
  3. Place the glass jar somewhere it can receive apt sunlight exposure. Leave it to marinate for four to five weeks. The longer it marinates, the better. To stimulate the CBD, shake the jar once a day while it marinates.
  4. Once it is done marinating, use a cheese cloth or sieve to strain the oil from the weed.
  5. Use a dropper bottle as a container for the tincture and you’re done. Just keep it refrigerated so it will remain fresh.

The process might take effort and time, but it is definitely worth waiting for.



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