CBD being used in fitness and bodybuilding

cbd fitness body building

If you are a fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast, you are probably on the lookout for new ways to help you achieve your exercising goals. Parts of why fitness lovers stretch before and after a gym session is to prevent their muscles from being sore the following day. Fitness enthusiasts are also known to enhance their diet with supplements such as vitamins and protein drinks, to increase their endurance levels and build muscle.

But, have you heard about CBD oil? CBD oil is the next sure supplement in fitness and bodybuilding industry.

In brief, what is CBD oil?

Prior to start using CBD for your bodybuilding or/and fitness regime, it is good to understand what it is. CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. Before we continue, its good also to understand that, CBD derived from hemp is not illegal in the US.

You have probably heard about marijuana plants which give the consumer a “high” feeling. This is usually caused by a compound known as THC, which is psychoactive in nature. Unlike THC, CBD is a very different chemical; it does not intoxicate, and it comes with numerous health benefits.

Using CBD to grow muscle

Naturally, our bodies do not grow muscle. And as you might be aware, growing muscle is one of the most challenging aspects of a bodybuilder. Our bodies usually have catabolic hormones which break muscle mass down. To reverse or quash that process, one needs to take anti-catabolic supplements.

Well, CBD supplements can help you achieve that feat, by reducing the number of catabolic hormones in your body. Basically, with lower catabolic hormones, your body will not be in a position to break-down muscle mass fast; thus, allowing you to increase your muscle mass.

CBD helping with weight loss

CBD has shown to help normalize a person’s blood sugar levels. Of course, with normalized blood sugar levels, there is a reduced amount of fat-storing hormones produced by the pancreas resulting in less fat being stored in the body.

In addition, a person who gets anxious repeatedly has unsteady cortisol levels. Anyone with cortisol levels too low or too high end up with repulsive symptoms. Among the symptoms, is an increase in weight, which majority of us strives to avoid.  CBD oil can help normalize a person’s cortisol levels in order to lower when they are supposed to and peak at appropriate times.

Both of these aspects when combined, regulated cortisol levels and blood sugar levels, can help you lose weight safely.

Other bodybuilding/fitness benefits

Helps with inflammation

Pushing ourselves hard when at the gym might result in inflammation and pain in our bodies, making the next session more challenging. Some people mask that soreness and pain with pharmaceuticals.

CBD, which is a safe, natural supplement, can help fitness enthusiasts alleviate the same kind of pain. CBD is an anti-inflammatory thus, can ease the soreness and pain that hits your muscles after a tough workout session.

Helps with sleep

Getting a good night sleep is among the key things that help a person build muscle and lose weight. A person who doesn’t get a good night sleep will have his/her body not functioning well. Meaning, the person’s body cannot build muscle or burn off the energy the right way.

CBD is known to help the body regulate its own chemical processes. CBD helps people deal with anxiety. Anxiety apparently, is the number one hindrance to one getting a good night sleep.

Side effects

Most over the counter supplements and medications have severe side effects. Contrary to this, CBD has no known side effects.

In conclusion

In conclusion, CBD has some fantastic bodybuilding, fitness, and health benefits. Anybody, therefore, seeking to lose weight and build muscle should consider a high quality, all natural CBD oil tincture. And, as with any new medication or supplement make sure you consult your physician prior to consuming anything new. After examining your body, the physician will be in a better position to give you the go ahead.

On your part, as a muscle building or fitness enthusiast, you will need to do some research on various CBD supplements in the market. Although a lot of research has not been conducted on this subject, the already available research shows there are potential bodybuilding, fitness, and health benefits to using CBD.



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