Characteristics of Legal and High-Quality CBD

By January 31, 2018CBD Medical Uses, CBD News
high quality cbd

As the CBD compound continue to change the lives of people with various medical conditions all over the world, more focus is equally being drawn to it. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is one of the main federal agencies that is closely observing the development around usage of CBD.

CBD is a substance that does not cause a psychoactive effect. It reduces the effects of THC to allow the medicinal properties to work effectively.CBD also has several benefits that it can offer on its own. In the recent past, DEA made a frightening statement on CBD restrictions.

The first important way of telling whether CBD oil is legal or not is by checking the source of CBD product. For instance, CBD products from Medix CBD are legal and are used in all the 50 States. This implies that products from Medix CBD are safety proven and can, therefore, be used.

Before buying CBD oil online it is important to check the following:

  • Not more than 0.3% of THC
  • Third-party Lab Results
  • making sure that CO2 method was used in the extraction of CBD

Correct Source of CBD Oil

People who have switched to use CBD to treat diseases and relieve pain will tell you of products such Medix CBD creams, oil, and chews that have greatly helped them with their medical conditions without resulting in any psychoactive effect. They will further tell you that CBD is the best compared to other pain tablets or liquids they have used before.


Benefits that come with usage of CBD OIL

  • Reduction anxiety
  • Natural pain relief
  • Inflammation and pain relief
  • Fighting of cancer cells
  • Enhancement of cardiovascular health
  • Treatment neurological disorders like
  • Prevents diabetic development

Telling the Difference between Legal and Illegal CBD Oil

The usage of CBD oil made from Marijuana is restricted to only States where Marijuana has been legalized because they have high levels of THC. CBD oil that has been extracted from Hemp is legal in all the other States because the level of THC is usually below 0.3%.Cannabinoid properties are usually the only thing that differentiates Hemp from Marijuana otherwise they are similar.

It is important to conduct a lot of research on companies selling CBD products because more often, some of them will give Hemp oil instead of CBD oil. Unfortunately, the Hemp oil they offer may contain extremely little or no cannabinoids at all.

Medix CBD among other approved companies always explains on their websites that their products come from legal cannabidiol extracted from hemp plant and approved by the federal government. Products from Medix CBD are always produced in a clean environment using latest technology and facilities. Furthermore, each ingredient used for production is usually tested by a third-party lab. Hence, Ingredients used by Medix CBD are 100% pure. Use of CO2 extraction method enables safe and gentle acquisition of sufficient CBD from hemp.



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