Why Choose Strong CBD Oil?

Strong CBD Oil sources only the best products on the market. We pride ourselves in only adding quality products site. So our customers always have the choice of the best products on the market.

Product development is an ongoing process for us as want to make sure that our customers always have the best possible choice of products.

Also we have designed our site to make it clear as to which are the right products for our customers. If after searching our site you are still unsure which products are right for you, please contact us we are happy to help you choose the right products for you.

We liked the results from the CBD products we tired so much we were inspired to launch our StrongCBDoil.com shop.

Our goal is to help others to choose the right products and benefit from using the best CBD products.

Transparency is something which is regarded in a very high place when it comes to the manufacturing of “Strong CBD Oil” Products and we always do their best to adhere by this promise, and as such our products made, are processed using only 100% organic compounds.

The process itself is very crystal clear and the fact that specialists are always monitoring the manufacturing process manually mitigates the margin of error which ensures that the consumers are getting the very best in CBD materials.

Many companies tend to import their hemp from China to make their CBD products, or use the leftovers as an alternative source of raw materials for multiple batches. “Strong CBD Oil” stands out from the crowd by guaranteeing its customers that all the Hemp used in the manufacturing process are brought directly from Europe and the USA.

Strong CBD Oil – We care about our Customers

If you are a new comer to CBD treatments, then things might somewhat feel a little bit daunting at first.

Our customer service team will help you give all the information which you might require before, during and after your purchase.

We are here to help to try improve your health and make you feel better. For us looking after potential customers is more important than trying to make sales.

Legal reasons restrict us from providing you the exact medicinal advices for any kind of specific disease. But that doesn’t stop from us helping you to choose which supplement is most suitable for you.

Good customer service is essential if you have any queries, please contact us.

Guaranteed (% Of CBD) –You get exactly what you see

We use only the state of the art machinery and methodologies when it comes to extracting the CBD oil from whole plant extracts by utilizing supercritical Carbon Dioxide. The plant material which are obtained are cooled under very high pressure using Carbon Dioxide prior to extracting the oil itself, this results in the deliverance of the oil in its most pure form which attains most of its medicinal properties.

The method we use is not only the safest one, but is also the most expensive on out there, and we do this to maintain our high standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

Strong CBD Oil uses third party laboratories in the USA who are fully committed in making sure that our products are always properly calculated to contain the exact amount of CBD which it claims to have. Rigorous testing and methods built under the hood, allows them for this precise calculation which  results in closely examined products containing the right amount of CBD, CBDa, terpenes and flavonoids.

The health of our customers is our top priority. Please make sure you buy products from companies who use proper testing procedures.

Proper testing procedures will test for chemical & solvent residues, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial organisms, fungus, mold and other impurities along with fake synthetic CBD.

Lab Tested- Thoroughly tested products from 3rd Party Labs

When ensuring that a CBD product is up to the mark, we always test each batch of our products through meticulous lab testing to check them for pesticides, heavy metals, microbial organism, molds or any other substance which might either harm the user, or tamper with the percentage of CBD.

Customers can end up buying cheap, inferior hemp products from countries like China, Russia or South America We only source our products from Europe and the United States. Plus each batch of our products are lab tested to make sure customers always receive the highest quality CBD products.

World Wide Delivery

Before ordering anything from Strong CBD Oil, it is highly advised to thoroughly go through the customs regulations of the country, to make sure that the CBD infused products do not get confiscated by uniformed officials. However normally our customers have no customs issues when receiving their orders. If you live outside the USA you may have to pay customs duty and sales taxes.

If your orders are placed form USA, then you can just sit back and relax knowing that your products will be delivered to you without the hassle of filling in any documents or facing long delays.

All orders are delivered to you discreetly in plain packaging.