Coolest Vape Tricks You Need to Master To Impress Everyone

By May 11, 2018Vaporizers

In the last few years, vaping has become more of a trend. It is not only because of the reason that it is less hazardous to health but also for the pleasant experience it delivers. One can get the maximum pleasure by trying some new tricks every time they use an e-cigarette. The expert vapers have various such tricks which can quadruple the fun of vaping. So let us learn these skills and impress everyone around with your vaping expertise.

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Ghost Inhale

If you are a beginner and you think that you need a lot of expertise in trying a vape trick, you are wrong. Ghost Inhale is one of those tricks which can be mastered by anyone. It is also known as snap inhale or mushroom cloud. In this trick, all you need to do is release the vapor and then snap it back. You need not practice it regularly for gaining the expertise. Just take a drag of vapor and hold it in your mouth for few seconds. Then release the vapor from the mouth in a ball and inhale it again. Isn’t it the simplest trick you have ever heard of?


The vape tricks are all about creating a magic. Waterfall trick is also one of those magic tricks which can leave anyone spellbound. You need not work too hard to master this skill. Just take a bottle which has frozen water settled on its bottom, take a drag and blow it inside the bottle. Once you are done with this, pour it out. Waterfall trick, as the name says, transforms the vape into a liquid substance. If you want to start learning the harder tricks, you first need to master the simpler one. So, next time you plan for vaping, don’t miss out the waterfall.


If you want to rock the image of a strong lad, this trick might work wonders for you. In this trick, the vapors need to be released out of the mouth and corners. You need not do anything different to excel in the dragon trick. Just take a drag, apply force and exhale it through the nose and corners of your mouth. You are supposed to keep your lips tight while you try this trick.

Vapor Bubble

This is another impressive vape trick that can leave your peers amused. It involves making a huge bubble by exhaling vapor inside the bubble. One need not do anything extraordinary to try the vapor bubble trick. You just have to put a small cut on the plastic bottle, fill it with a mixture of soap and water and exhale the vapor inside the bottle. At the end of this act, you will get a large bubble which can float on the surface. Aren’t you already left awe-struck by the description of a vapor bubble act?



This is the unique one among all the vape tricks. This trick needs a lot of expertise and beginners might find it difficult. In the tornado, you need to exhale the vapor through a toilet paper on a flat surface and use your hand to chop at the surface. Once your hand touches the surface, put up your wrist and lift the arm. The after effect of this trick will be mystical and impressive.


Cheerios is a commonly practiced trick and most of the vapers might be excelling it. You have to start by pulling a long drag from your e-cigarette and inhaling the vapor. In addition to this,you need to keep your tongue flat while trying this activity. Just make a shape of “O” with your lips and push the vapor out of your mouth. You will get a beautiful visual effect which will leave everyone mesmerized.

Atomic Bomb

If you are hosting a house party for your friends, you need to try something different and exciting.  The atomic bomb is a thrilling experiment as it resembles an atomic bomb explosion. All you need to carry out this trick is a polythene bag. Open the mouth of polythene bag and exhale as much vapor inside it as you can. Then, open the polythene and punch at the bottom of it. The effect which will be produced after this will give you a feel of a real explosion.

Vaping tricks are the fun activity for all those people who use e-cigarettes. You can try this activity alone in your leisure time or with your friends in a party or club. You can easily master these tricks by watching the online videos or by practicing it more often. In order to get the accessories it is just about browsing through the offerings at Herbalize Store.



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