Epilepsy Clinical Trial

By April 20, 2016Clinical Trials, Studies
Often regular prescription epilepsy drugs are not effective treating seizures. Also the regular epilepsy medication can have undesirable side effects. CBD is proving to be very promising in terms of treating epilepsy and significantly reducing the seizures. For children CBD has huge potential as it best to avoid giving THC to children as it can have negative effects for their mental development. CBD is a very safe drug with almost no side effects.
There was a medical trial for a CBD drug called Epidolex (99% CBD) on April 22nd 2015. There were 213 people who were in the trial spread across 11 different sites. Side effects that occurred in 10% or more of the people in the medical trial. These side effects are listed below:
  • Sleepiness (21%)
  • Diarrhea (17%)
  • Fatigue (17%)
  • Decreased Appetite (16%)
  • 22 serious side effects possible related to Epidolex
From our our customer feedback of our CBD supplements we would expect less side effects than from this drug trial of Epidolex. Sometimes people get some slight stomach irritation which normally dissipates within roughly 10-15 minutes.
You can find out more about the Epidolex drug trial at Epilepsy.com and how medical marijuana can be used to treat Epilepsy.



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