The Hemperor flags off Hemp beer

By April 9, 2018CBD News

In the hope to come up with best alcoholic beverages, the ever-evolving liquor companies have treated people with a never-ending chain of surprises all stemming from their outrageous confections, including the infamous bull testicle stout. The latest shocker being the announcement by the gigantic New Belgium Brewery liquor outfit of their breakthrough in the synthesis of a new brand of beverage laced with a ting of substances extracted from the seeds of the great hemp plant. Well, for those who do not know, hemp plant belongs to the same family of plants as Cannabis sativa, famously known as marijuana and it contains the same psychoactive substance as marijuana albeit in a lesser concentration. Obviously, this must have a rendered their company smelling like one of those marijuana smoking zones.

This new brew brand, named The Hemperor HPA, in a rather obvious turn of events. It is considered a revolution in the beer world by the brewery’s spokesman, Bryan Simpson and is the single beverage that can match, head on, the famous traditional Indian Pale Ale not only in taste but also the mind arousing aroma associated with it. The company hopes that this brand will live up to the expectations and not be a disappointment.

Having been through numerous experimental tests and trials over a period of three years, The Hemperor is expected to be available in the shelves of the local gin mills early April paving the way for anyone to drown their sorrows in a concoction of ethanol and cannabinol all in one glass.

The Hemperor has not been without shortfall considering that marijuana is still a prohibited substance and the current regulations forbid the incorporation of tetrahydrocannabinol into beer. However, The New Belgium Brewery seemed to have managed to outfox these guidelines using the 2014 Farm Bill which legitimatized the use of certain compounds extracted from the hemp plant such as the hemp hearts or seeds.

Additionally, The New Belgium Brewery in conjunction Willie Nelson’s company GCH Inc is strongly supporting the idea of having hemp legalized as a normal agricultural crop, through its organization known as Hemp 4 Victory. Whether this will be successful remains a mystery for now.



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