Importance of Terpenes

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Importance of Terpenes

Have you ever entered a room full of cannabis plant? Well, it is likely that you were hit by a strong aroma of the plants. This aroma is produced by terpene molecules. By definition, terpenes are compounds that are produced by thousands of species of plants as well as some insects. In the cannabis plants, they are essential oils that create the aroma and mental effects in different species of marijuana. Terpenes are produced in the same glands that manufacture cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. We are going to focus on the different and the importance of terpenes.

Types of terpenes present in Marijuana

  • Myrcene-This type enhances the effects of THC. Alone, it has a sedating effect. Its aromas include musky and cloves. It has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-insomniac properties. The only strain that contains Myrcene is Citrix.
  • Lemonene-This type elevates one’ moods and relieves stress. It has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-depressant properties. It has only one aroma (citrus). Tangie, double tangie Banana, and 24K are the strains containing this kind of terpene.
  • Linalool-It has floral/candy aromas. It has sedative effects and relieves anxiety. It is an anti-depressant and an anti-acne medicine. The strains containing this kind of terpenes include Blue dream, Sensi star and The Rem.
  • Alpha-Pinene-It has a pine like aroma. It helps in memory retention, alertness and counteracts the anxiety caused by THC. It has both antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Strains containing this include Elderberry.
  • Caryophyllene-The aromas of this type include wood, clove and pepper. The effects of this type of terpene are unknown. However, it has medicinal properties in that it helps in inflammation cases and it is gastro-protective. It is present in Gorilla Glue, Master Kush and Blue Berry.
  • Delta-3-Carene-It is partially thought to be responsible for the common side effects of smoking marijuana such as dryness of the mouth and eye problems. It is also used in aromatherapy to dry excess fluids in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Those are just a few types of terpenes present in the marijuana plant. There exists over one hundred types. They act synergistically with cannabinoids found in the marijuana plants.

Importance of TerpenesImportance of Terpenes

Fragrance-As seen in the above types, terpenes are responsible for the different aromas in marijuana plants. Different strains of marijuana have different smells. This is the work of the various types of terpenes.

A point worth noting is that THC does not have any fragrance. Terpenes do. Therefore, pot-sniffing dogs are trained to look out for terpenes.

Determining the type of Species-Terpenes help a great deal in the determination of marijuana strains. The levels of terpene (Myrcene) in a given strain of marijuana helps in categorizing it into Sativa or Indica. Cannabis that contains more than 0.5% of Myrcene qualifies to be an Indica. Strains that have less than 0.5% belong to the Sativa species.

Medicinal Value-We saw that each type of terpene has its own medical benefits. These have been used to cure various illnesses and disorders. Some are antibacterial, others elevate mood, relieving stress and even in treating acne. Terpenes are not only present in marijuana but also in other plants. Thus the next time you are being treated for depression, a sure guess is that you will be consuming terpene filled drugs.

Aromatherapy has all throughout the years involved the use of various types of terpenes.

Manufacturing-Manufacturers are creating prototypes of items based on marijuana terpene profiles that are environmentally friendly. Such items include detergents, beauty products and plastic materials.

Reinforcing other Cannabinoids-You might have heard a rumour that eating a mango before smoking weed will get you to higher points. That is actually true. The explanation behind this is that mangoes are full of myrcene. This type of terpene assists in regulating the permeability of the body cells. In turn, this assists THC to reach brain cells at a faster rate.


It is therefore evident that terpenes are essential in marijuana plants. They contribute a lot in ensuring that our plants are of the right quality. At the same time, they help in medicinal marijuana in curing various disorders. They are also going to be perfect ingredients of numerous products in the near future.



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