The Importance Of Proper Cannabis Storage

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If you’re unaware of the process to store weed in the right manner, you can end them up in getting dried-up, musty, and brittle. Dry weed really sucks. Not just it’s harsh on our lungs, but also it tastes terribly annoying.

Dry cannabis will lose a considerable portion of its flavor and potency, while moldy and musty weeds are toxic in nature and risky to smoke. Any degradation can strike at the aroma, taste, efficacy, and consistency of the dried product and will make your vaping experience dull and boring.

So, how can you get rid of these irritating crispy, crumbly, moldy buds?

If you’ve purchased legal cannabis and you wish to retain its  quality, you’ll have to do a bit of work. Especially if you aim to keep it long lasting, relying only on a container bag will change your sticky buds and make them brittle in a week’s time. We can’t overstate the importance of properly storing legal dry herbs and concentrates.

What Causes Cannabis To Degrade?

There are four environmental factors that play a vital role in the freshness and quality of cannabis. They are humidity, temperature, light, and air. By keeping cannabis away from these elements we will improve the quality and the lifespan of it.


Humidity control is very essential for cannabis storage to keep mildew, toxic and polluting substances away. It is recommended to preserve cannabis with an optimum humidity ranging between 59% and 63% RH.

A level higher than this will accelerate the chance of weed decaying and getting moldy. On the other hand, a humidity level lesser than the suggested range may cause the trichomes to become dry and brittle. This specified range of humidity also ensures sustenance of the original aroma, flavour, colour, and consistency of cannabis. Marijuana is thus akin to Goldilocks when it’s about tackling humidity. Therefore, a cool and confined environment is needful.


Next comes temperature. Ideal temperatures that promote the thriving of mildew, molds, and musty elements lie between 77° and 86° F. To counteract this, storage in a cool place is imperative.

Excessive hot conditions are unwelcome as they dry the cannabinoids and terpenoids and make them stale. Shrivelled essential oils are avoidable as they lead to an eruption of hot and harsh smoke making a nightmare out of your vaping experience. Very low temperatures also result in the subdued formation of the psychoactive THC and therefore a downgraded CBN.


The importance of light is emphasized as it eliminates hazardous UV rays that are known to trigger a disintegration of both natural and synthetic materials. Studies have suggested the presence of light to be the foremost reason for the decay of cannabinoids. Hence, it is compulsory to preserve your marijuana in deficient sunlight conditions.


The final principal environmental factor is air. An abundance of air hurriedly leads to cannabinoid degeneration. Whereas extreme paucity of air can increment relative humidity. Storing cannabis in a completely airtight jar is a useful way to keep air away.

How can you store cannabis effectively?

Storing cannabis buds in glass jars
To secure your weed from the different extrinsic forces that cause damage, airtight glass containers are mostly recommended. They also have plastic variants. However, plastic is not encouraged as it sweats the moisture out from the buds.

A glass mason jar is the best inventory for long-term preservation in a cost-effective manner. The top of the jar should be tightly sealed to circumvent air exposure. Once your buds have made their entry into the glass jar, keeping it somewhere cool and dark like inside a cupboard would be a great idea to hide them from light and heat.

Also available in the market are ultraviolet blacked-out airtight jars that can prohibit a light subjection to your weed.

Choosing a suitable cannabis humidor

If you are looking for the best results, invest in a humidor built for cannabis. They not only control the humidity effectively but also keep the freshness of the herb alive. They also give air and light a miss while protecting your beloved cannabis.

For home use, we recommend a high-quality humidor and an assortment of glass containers.

Humidity packs for long-term storage

To keep you cannabis buds stay intact for months, you can insert a humidity pack inside your airtight storage receptacle. They are accessible in diverse humidity levels. Parched cannabis will require relatively high humidity to revive. However, with fresh and rightly cured cannabis you can adopt a 58% humidity pack to retain the quality and arrest molding.

Travel cases for people on the go

These safety cases are stylish stash wallets for engaging in active lifestyle. They are exclusively smell proof unlike the obvious commonly used marijuana packaging forms. They are widely used while visiting public places and events and seeking discretion. For travel, discreet, smell proof cases will allow you to travel in style while remaining under the radar. Active smokers and herb concentrate users around the world find them advantageous to stockpile with many smell proof containers in addition to other necessary consumption gadgets.



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