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A physician by the name Laura spent much of her clinical time handling substance abuse disorders yet she had no recent experiences with marijuana herself. Laura’s hostility to consuming Marijuana when she was about to go through a chemotherapy for breast cancer was not astonishing at all. The Nausea condition and the concern that anteceded its unavoidable occurrence were quite disenabling. Laura went through training in family medicine but still, she took time to agree and accept the beneficial effects marijuana has cancer patients.

Laura was finally introduced to a technique of administration that could retrofit quick relief yet it was quite different than smoking a joint out behind the barn method she had imagined of before. This approach was referred to as calibrated vaporizer. Afterward, she set on a CBD-rich herb that had a ratio of 2:1 CBD: THC with hopes that the final intoxication would be mild enough to withstand.

After her latest chemo, she reported that the method was quite helpful since it worked promptly and was by far better than all the prescribed drugs her oncologist ever gave her. Laura was overwhelmed with joy to the extent of crying.

If even reading about nausea and vomiting will make you queasy, you may want to jump to the end of this article and skip the potentially nauseating details.

Nausea condition and vomiting are each distinctive in that they are two different problems quite related but vary when it comes to causing and treatment. Patients who suffer from nausea prefer vomiting to nausea since nausea is a continuous sensation that hardly comes to an end and is difficult to handle.

To be precise, nausea and vomiting are protective defense intermediaries in the human body that are transient episodes that can be remedial though quite miserable.

In a case that there is no clear cause of nausea, a patient should interact closely with her doctor to establish and discover the problem. This is fact is true notably if nausea does not resolve within either one or two days at most because that would mean more serious problems are attached.

Nausea condition can be caused by many things. This condition can be as a result of migraines, seizures, ear infections and disorders, head injuries, motion sickness, appendicitis, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy, heart attack, toxins, pesticides, bacterial or viral infections Psychiatric or emotional disorders among many others.

When people get nauseated the brain’s GI system and nervous system get involved immediately. It is a fact that many people know more about the physiology of vomiting than they know about nausea hence good therapies have been made available and known to patients for their relief.

The receptors in part of the brain and GI tract produce and bind with a neurotransmitter by the name serotonin. This is one of the keys to managing the symptoms. A popular anti-vomiting prescription called Zofran works by stopping passage of the nauseating effects of the serotonin release.


CBD, the non-intoxicating Cannabinoids, binds to serotonin releasing receptors when taken in a small dose to help relieve both vomiting and nausea at once. Cannabinoids can be quite useful in easing fear and help patients handle the anxiety of persistent nausea.

Tetrahydrolcannabinoids are the best alternative is since it works well as anti-nausea Cannabinoids for many people. THC attaches itself to the CB1 receptors in particular parts of the brain it then readily acts to reduce vomiting. The side effects of THC can also be remedial in this status quo if not too intense.  A more positive state of mind is quite useful or for anyone experiencing nausea that is hard to treat or for anyone going through a chemotherapy.

The raw form of CBD, CBDA, is even more operative at the serotonin receptors and animal studies depict that CBDA is an anti-emetic that is stronger both CBD and THC. CBDA is a form of CBD that exists in a growing CBD plant before the plant is heated. After heating CBDA becomes CBD just like THCA decarboxylates becomes THC.

During chemotherapy, a person’s state of mind can include the “nocebo effect which has negative results of a treatment that leads to anticipatory nausea. The thought of unavoidable side effects can be intolerable especially when undergoing the first round of chemo and it is not effective at all. Prescription antiemetic can’t help treat anticipatory nausea though cannabis shows promise. Prof. Linda Parker, a be neuroscientist at the University of Guelph in Ontario located in Canada has found out that several phytocannabinoids including CBD, THC, and CBDA relieve anticipatory nausea in conditioned lab animals.

Marijuana can provide relief to patients whose nausea has been caused by radiations, chemotherapies, or other identifiable causes. CBD, THC, and CBDA all show hope in study labs and have a proven themselves in the homes of patients who have the experience. Whole plant medicine is more effective than any isolated Cannabinoids, but which Cannabinoids profile should you start with if this is your goal.

Starting a Cannabinoids profile depends somewhat on experience with the medicine. If you have never tried this before, is advised to start with a CBD-rich medicine that still has some THC in it just like Laura did. As you adapt to the medicine, you can increase the amount of THC as required.

Physicians have agreed to the use of marijuana for treatment of nausea and for vomiting caused by chemotherapy or radiation. It is quite effective even though people may not understand all the mechanisms of action. Patients should then be aware of where their medicine is prepared and grown. They should consume the only lab analyzed marijuana that is free of contaminants. With quality medication, relieving nausea could be easier.




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    Informative post. It’s great to know that CBD is helpful in the treatment of nausea and for vomiting. Thanks for the post.

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