Marijuana Types (Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis)

marijuana types

Marijuana Types (Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis)


It is very rare to find a living organism that has only one species. The same applies to marijuana plants. They come in different variations. Some are male while others female and at the same time being of different species. Before settling on growing a certain marijuana type, it is prudent to first get adequate knowledge of it. This will equip you with the necessary skills needed in marijuana farming such as how to distinguish males from females. We will dwell on the three species of marijuana and gender roles in growth in this article. Hybrid breeds and hermaphrodites will also be touched on.

Cannabis Sativa

This is the most common type that people enjoy consuming. This type grows tall, big and it is not very thick. It is a perfect species for outdoor growth. Its seeds are unblemished and do not flower quickly when planted. Not even induced flowering works on this type of marijuana. When smoked, Sativa will make you feel happier, more active and full of ideas. It does not have sedative properties. THC cannabinoids are present in high ratios thus unfit for medicinal purposes. This type is prevalent in areas below 30 degrees’ latitudes like India, Mexico and Colombia.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is a rather short species with a more solid look. This makes it perfect for indoor growth . This type flowers faster than Sativa when planted and yields easily to induced flowering through light adjustments. It is stickier than Sativa and perfect for making hashish due to the high amount of resins it contains. Indica is a perfect sedative and it will make feel more high due to its high amounts of CBN in it. Stoners love this type more. Headache relieve, relaxation of muscles, anxiety calming, muscle spasms, pain alleviation and curbing insomnia are some of its medicinal properties. Cannabis Indica is prevalent above 30° North in countries like Morocco, Lebanon and Nepal.

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Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is less known by people but it’s one of the primary varieties. It is short and very similar to Indica in that it is has a thick foliage. It has a fast maturity rate compared to the other species. This is because it is mainly found in the north where summers are short. It must be up and about before winter sets in. It does not affect the mental activity or alter the mood (Nonpsychotropic), explaining its less popularity. However, auto flowers are made out of it.

Industrial Hemp

It is a variety of Cannabis Sativa that is specifically grown for industrial use. Its derived products can be refined into items such as animal feed, food, paper, biodegradable plastics, textiles and clothing. You will not get high after using it since the THC levels are below 0.3%.


After many years of research, a number of varieties have come up across the three primary species. These new varieties are the hybrids. These hybrids have a wide range of different characteristics in relation to the growth period, flowering cycles, THC content and the total yield. We have the train wreck, blueberry and sour diesel as some of the hybrids.

Distinction between males and females

After maturing, flowering will occur in males and tiny racemes (short flower stalks) will appear at the base of the flower. When the flower opens up, pollen will be released and deposited and absorbed leading to fertilisation. It is confusing to distinguish between male and female marijuana plants but the males have earlier sexual development.

Females will also produce racemes which will consist of the reproduction organs. These will receive pollen during fertilisation.


These are plants with both male and female sex organs. This is a natural occurrence that happens even to humans. If the marijuana hermaphrodite has more female flowers, it is worth saving. Some growers seclude these types of plants for experimental uses.

Types of Marijuana seeds

There are four kind of marijuana types. There are;

Regular Seeds-These are the ‘normal’ marijuana seeds that growers have used traditionally. It will be prudent to separate males from females since most of the time the seeds are in a 1:1 ratio.

Feminized Seeds-They will only produce female plants. They are ideal for growing and every grower will strive to get feminized seeds. They are available in shops.

Auto flower seeds-Nonphotosensitivity is their main selling point. This means that they do not depend on light and will flower automatically.

Sinsemilla-Basically, most growers want plants that do not have seeds. This is because THC levels will be higher. The taste will also be rich. These seedless plants are the sinsemillas’.




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