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Research the Pain Reduction Capabilities of CBD

Chronic pain is a disease which is nothing short of being called a widespread epidemic! In the USA alone, it has been estimated that around 100 million people are suffering from Chronic pain which sums to about 31% of the total population! Now that’s, a really Big Number!

CBD Clinical Trials For Chronic Pain

So, let’s start off with a little basic first. What exactly is Chronic Pain? In the easiest terms, Chronic Pain has been defined as being prolonged experience of severe physical pain which can range from 3 months to an uncertain amount of time since the beginning of the problems.

Very common forms of chronic pain would be chronic back pains and muscle pains.

While a consistent solution to this problem is yet to discovered, Allopathic medicines are hard at work to measure up as being temporary solution to the problem.

In contrast however, CBD has been thoroughly researched as being a very potent solution to this problem which has the capacity to literally make the pain go away completely by gradually reducing the period of time suffered by the patients.

Victims who are suffering from chronic pain are always praying to their respective Gods to at least decrease their suffering. One can only imagine how much excruciatingly painful it get when a person has to suffer from the same problem over and over again.

The first thing which comes to mind for such victims is to seek aid from Allopathic medicines, but sadly however, those medicine comes with a hefty price of being both addictive and carrying wide range of adverse side effects.

For such victims, CBD is trying to stand as a beacon of hope and significantly decrease their suffering and make their lives better.

When all of the allopathic treatments turn out to be pointless and expensive endeavors, the time comes for a person to seek the help of non-prescriptive natural medications such as CBD which does not expose the user to harmful side effects while giving all the desired benefits.

For those who might be seeking the help of Medical Marijuana, it should be known to them that there are pre-dominantly two strands in hemp. The first one is CBD and the second one is THC.

While both of them will help to diminish the pain, the main difference between the two is that CBD is completely non-psychoactive and poses absolutely no threat to the body, on the other hand THC is a psycho-active strand which might cause addiction and other unwanted side-effects.

The option is always open to the user as to which kind of treatment might he be willing to take. As a matter of fact there are a good number of patients in the world who are unknowingly consuming THC and getting its benefits, along with the addictions as well.

It is necessary to also make people aware of CBD which offers the same solutions minus the addictive nature of Hemp.

However, different people hold a different tolerance level to these medications. For some either THC or CBD treatments alone are enough to cure them completely, for others mixed dosage of CBD and THC are required. Ultimately it is a matter of going through some early experimentation to figure out the perfect blend for you. Since CBD is non-psychoactive it is virtually impossible to have an overdose of CBD and be affected by it, on the other the dosage of THC in treatment should always be highly monitored.


CBD Clinical Trials For Chronic Pain

CBD Clinical Trials For Chronic Pain: Before you know how CBD actually works, you must first know a little bit about the Endocannabinoid system of the Brain. The Endocannabinoid system of the brain is a little part which is in governance of all the feelings of sensation in our body including pain perception, movement, emotions, and cognitive abilities and also sleeps.

And thus, the Endocannabinoid system is highly responsible for the pain which we feel in our body.

The natural plant chemical “CBD” is capable of affecting the Endocannabinoid system of a body, but in a good way! To influence the Pain receptors of the system into declining the intensity of the pain felt.

With that knowledge in mind, A question is definitely hovering on top of your head now asking, “Does this really work?

And will this significantly improve the conditions of my Chronic Pain?” The answer, luckily for you and all the other citizens who are suffering from Chronic Pain is a large YES! And this is not the just words of a mouth, there have been several clinical trials to support this attribute of CBD and act as evidence to show that it indeed does greatly help in decreasing chronic pain.

The Outcomes of the CBD Clinical Trial on Pain Management

One of the most recent Clinical Trial run on this particular issue was on 20th April 2016 which was supervised by the doctors at Endexx.

The objective of the clinical Study was to test the effectiveness of CBD capsule on patients who were suffering from Neuropathic Pain.

The study was specifically done under Dr. Martin Pressman, DPM in New Haven, Connecticut; Dr.Daniel Brandwein, DPM in Weston, Florida; Dr. Michael Horwitz and Dr. Daniel Kiddy who are both DPM in Saint Louis, Missouri. The initiative which they took was to carry out a study for one month by enrolling about 20 patients and dividing them in four groups. After that, evaluation of each group would be done on the basis of the results which they would bear due to the usage of CBD Enriched capsules on their Neuropathic Pain.

The following experiment which Dr. Brandwein is hoping to conduct is actually an extension of a similar experiment which was carried out by Dr.Kiddy as well as the all the past researches done by Dr. Brandwein. His researches clearly showed the after a constant exposure to 4-5 drops of CBD-rich hemp oil twice a day, consecutively for two weeks, The level of pain experienced by patients reduced from a range of 7 to 8 down to 3 to 4 on a pain measurement scale of 10.

So, it is clearly seen that there is roughly a 50% decrease in the pain level of the patient. It is theoretically possible to lower the pain of the patients even more by inducing them with the correct balanced dosage and combinations of CBD and THC.

Since it is virtually impossible to be overdosed by CBD, it is highly encouraged to the patients to try out different combinations of CBD and THC to find out what level might be the most effective for them. And even if by accident the patient might feel that he/she has taken an overdose of CBD, there won’t be that much of a prominent present of adverse effects on the body. 

Inspired from the experiments done by Dr.Kiddy, Dr. Brandwein gave a very inspiring statement saying, “I am very excited about the upcoming new trial, where we can follow the information even closer. I also believe that in a capsule form, patients will be more compliant and have better results. In some cases, my patients have decreased and discontinued their usage of Neurontin and Gabapentin”

Dr. Brandwein is not the only one who is being optimistic here! Even we are much hyped with this news and are holding our hearts hoping for a positive outcome. The more you will be able to distance yourself from harmful Allopathic medicines and lean more towards the usage of natural supplements such as CBD, the better it will be for your health and physical condition.

CBD has been already proven to stand as having absolutely no side effects while holding on its own being a natural supplement of Terpenoids, Essential Oils and Antioxidants.



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