Panic Attack and CBD oil

By January 21, 2018CBD Medical Uses, Panic Attack
cbd panic attack

In our world today, panic attacks are seen as a common occurrence. Even with this happening, people still find it hard to talk about this situation for an even simple reason such as not wanting to admit that one’s own mind took control of them and especially when there are unreasonable thinking and outcomes.

Due to Lack of expression and talking about the issue, it’s easy for us to find ourselves in a state of ignorance collectively and without the know-how of helping those who suffer from such. Awareness is therefore key to solving such medical related issues. We, therefore, must take up the mantle of starting conversations around panic attacks and spreading awareness globally in order to be part of the solution.

One may wonder about the treatments associated with panic attacks. There is always a price attached to it. To fight these attacks, one has to constantly take different medications which translate to more chemicals in the body. Such may easily solve the problem but not permanently, therefore, end up making one dependent on their use regularly to stay sane.

You are also predisposed to experiencing other health issues in the long run. Substances found in the medication can easily interfere with one’s internal organs. CBD oil is now seen as the best alternative in recent years and is great at helping with panic attacks.

How do you tell that one is experiencing a panic attack and how does CBD oil help in such instances?


This could probably be high on the list of symptoms associated with panic attacks. Sometimes the feeling is associated with stress and other unrelated factors. The truth of the matter is this could be a state of panic attack. Here, one is usually drained of energy and unable to think straight. You might be wondering why this happens.

Mental fatigue can be caused by too much stress and over thinking. Thus, an attack overwhelms a person both physically and mentally. In such cases, one should try to relax, breathe and avoid stressful situations for a while

Feeling detached from what’s real

People misunderstand panic attacks and cannot really get what goes through the head of an individual in such a state. Some usually think that people are just acting scared but it’s usually more than that. This is because; this state comes with fear that might end up overburdening the mind. Such a state makes one float away from the reality around them. This state makes one feel different from others and thus ends up isolating themselves. Also, one feels like everything is too much for them at such moments. People also tend to shy away from situations that are uncomfortable. This is such a bad feeling as it only worsens an already bad situation of untold anxiety.

 Shortness of breath

When one is experiencing an attack, the body part contracts in order to protect itself. This is inclusive of the air passage and thus air does not eventually flow to the lungs. This ends up denying the body the much oxygen it needs. Oxygen is an essential gas for the proper functioning of the body from cells, brain functionality and others. Lack of it, therefore, will even cause dizziness and worsen the attack. It is recommended that one try to take it easy in such a situation.

cbd panicIs CBD oil a solution at last?

THC has been found to have calming effects on humans, on the other hand, depending on an individual; it can increase anxiety to another level for some though. In recent years, and CBD has been tested over and above because of a growing need to have a natural remedy for mental health. In 2015, a group of researchers conducted a study that has been termed as the most important. They concluded that long-term therapy would provide a permanent cure for OCD, panic attacks and social anxiety. This was also found to help veterans of war regain mental health. There are two ways of using CBD in panic attacks, one as a cure and another as a prevention measure .One can decide to take it regularly thus preventing future attacks. Control groups involved in the study were given for a few months and it worked excellently. Britain and India have conducted research with regards to CBD oil and panic attacks. It was found out that taking the oil during an attack can be of great help. This conclusion serves to show that the oil is of great importance in medical work, especially in psychiatry.



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