Pax 3 Vaporizer vs Arizer Solo 2

By March 1, 2018Vaporizers
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Pax 3 vaporizer

Pax 3 is a portable dry and concentrated vaporizer from PAX Labs. This is the third iteration of the very popular Pax line and they will be further enhanced while it corresponds to what made the Pax so popular in the first place; Elegant appearance and feel, ease of use, portability and discretion, as well as top tier reliability and warranty.

The upgrades over the of Pax 2 include a new concentrate inser, an improved battery capacity Bumped from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh, faster warm-up time from about 45 seconds to about 15 seconds, haptic feedback or a vibration alarm and the all new Pax vapor app which gives you total control over the temperature spectrum.

The vapor quality of the PAX 3 is not much better than that of PAX 2. It is smooth and satisfactory and can be modified by selecting a different temperature and another heating mode. However, PAX 3 is still a conduction device that will never produce the purest taste that convection does. What makes PAX 3′ more enhanced than its predecessor is the adaptability of its heating modes. Those who like denser vapor and faster sessions can now choose a boost mode. Those who like more flavor will love the “flavor” profile that increases the cooling of the vapor between draws to sustain the flavor of your herbs. Being able to customize how heating modes work is impressive. Other devices allow you to set temperature profiles, but not how the device heats your grass. PAX 3 gives you a little more customization and changes your interaction with the vaporizer.

  • Design and quality

This vaporizer has a one-button control that makes controlling the variety of functions quite easy. You can even control the four simple heating settings that allow you to adjust both the quality and the amount of vapor. LED lights and haptic feedback (vibration) are also very useful because they tell you if your vaporizer needs attention.

  • Battery life

Both the Pax 3 and its predecessor (Pax2) really got it right in terms of battery life, and there is not a single portable device that can contend with it, giving users up to two hours of vaping time depending on the length of draws though.

  • Portability

PAX vaporizers are all focused on compactness and pocket friendly. The PAX is very small and can easily be hidden with one hand. The mouthpiece of the PAX 3 sit flush with the top of the device, while the second mouthpiece rests only slightly. PAX 3 offers more color options than the Arizer Air 2, but both come in dark colors that are most popular for spray dispensing.

  • Fast heat up

PAX 3 has a high vapor output and is a big improvement over the PAX 2. This PAX iteration is three times faster (15 seconds) warmer than its predecessor. This leads to more vapor in a short time.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Great feature set
  • pleasant experience


  • Obnoxiously difficult to clean sometimes.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 is the enhanced version of its predecessor (Arizer solo) portable vaporizer for dry herbs. It is smater, smaller and faster than its predecessor. And it still boast exceptionally flavorful vapor production than the Arizer solo. The latest version of Arizer Solo 2 features exceptional and longer battery life, improved airflow and three times the heat-up time of the previous Arizer Solo. These upgrades may seem small. But they make a big difference and improve the overall experience. Arizer Solo II is one of the most powerful Arizer Vapes yet. Arizer solo 2 has a wonderful vapor production which is equal to if not greater than the original Arizer Solo.

Arizer Solo II is not the most compact portable vape. Although it is the most compact portable vaporizer that gives rich flavor vapor production you’d expect from a desktop vaporizer. The hit are comfortable and extremely tasty, making the Arizer Solo 2 ideal for those who prefer the flavorful hit but want something that is not plugged into a wall outlet. Solo 2 Vape is compact, but not as light and small as PAX 3 Vapes. This is because the Arizer Solo II, like its predecessor, is designed for vapor quality and features a convection heating system that is rare on portable vaporizers, with a full-fledged glass kit.

  • Design

When it comes to size, the Solo 2 is a little more compact. It’s not the biggest difference, but it’s definitely is noticeable. The Arizer Solo line has never been the most discreet vape. It can possibly fit in your pockets, depending on their size. The LED display shows the battery life, temperature you’re on and the metric of temperature. It’s a big plus and has to be done on this model.

  • Battery life

The Solo 2 features a detachable 18650 Lithium Ion battery that lasts approximately 3.5 hours to 4 hours when fully charged. Having a removable battery is great if you want to have an extra set on your vapor device while the other is charging.

  • Vapor quality

The quality of the vapor has an improved airflow. Improved airflow means bigger hits, which means more satisfying vapor. It also helps with clogging, so you always get nice big clouds without having to inhale too much. Arizer Solo 2 will continue to heat evenly and proportionally through out your ground herbs. The fact that there is a glass stem through which the vapor travels is really good.


  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Strong, solid build
  • Long battery life
  • Precise temperature control


  • Uses fragile glass stem


The Solo II is not the most portable (just a little smaller than the original), nor the most discreet, but it does what it was designed for: it produces incredible vapor. It’s heat-up time at less than 30 seconds is certainly pretty fast, but if you’re looking for a vaporizer that you can take anywhere, the Pax 3 is a great choice. Especially if you want to use it in public, without everyone knowing what you intend to do.

In summary, the Arizer Solo 2 is the best portable vaporizer in terms of battery life and vapor quality. But note that both vapes are worthy vapes, so it bow down to choice, depending on which function appeal more



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