Should People Who Can’t Quit Smoking Switch to E-Cigarettes?

By May 11, 2018Vaporizers
Smoking Switch to E-Cigarettes

It may have started as an innocent curiosity, an attempt to look cool or simply going with the flow with friends. But cigarette smoking is no doubt very detrimental to health. This toxic habit takes several lives of people worldwide and is also associated with taking a few living years out of a smoker’s life.

Cigarette smoking has been often observed to start early i.e. in teenage years and then after a while, it becomes a daily activity which continues throughout a person’s lifespan. More observations regarding smoking are that men smoke more than women. Further, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece, and Russia are the top countries in smoking. In the United States smoking accounts for 1 in 5 deaths in the country and the current smoking population consists of people in the age bracket of 25 to 44. Instances of teens smoking are also not very uncommon.

Let’s look at some of the health risks involved with smoking cigarettes:

  • Increased risks of lungs and throat cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Risk of developing emphysema
  • Risk of developing COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Problems related to blood pressure
  • Increased risks of stroke

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These were but just a few complications one can develop through smoking for a long period of time. Smoking does not do much for your personality as well when you smell of tobacco the whole day; have yellowish teeth and darkened lips.

When people just start smoking either they are not aware or don’t care about the health complications that can happen in the future. But after some time smokers are seen to regret the very habit that once made them feel good.

Given the addictive nature of the nicotine present in tobacco-filled cigarettes, it becomes difficult and nearly impossible for some to quit. The question is now what smokers can do to help them quit this nasty habit in this scenario?

There are certain options available in the market which apparently helps smokers to transition smoothly from being a smoker to a non-smoker. For example, there are nicotine gums, nicotine patch and e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are a battery-operated electronic device which gives the sensation of smoking. The e-cigarettes contain e-liquid which when heated is transformed into vapor which is then breathed by the user.


E-cigarettes can help when nothing else seems to work

When smokers have tried everything else and there is no respite to the craving. One can turn to E-cigarettes. These are a much healthier alternative to conventional smoking. The idea behind launching e-cigarettes was to help smokers who are struggling, to make a smooth quitting experience. The use of e-cigarette has gained some momentum and increasing number of people are opting for it rather than smoking real ones.

The secret of e-cigarettes being successful in making people beat the habit is easy. Smoking cigarettes are similar to any kind of addiction. During treatment of any type of addiction, it is not always possible to completely stop the addictive substance. Sudden cessation of the addictive substance may lead to unwanted withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and shakiness. Therefore, complete cessation of the addictive substance is sometimes not possible and sometimes not advisable too. Going slow about quitting may be the right process in this case.

Don’t be of the idea that e-cigarettes can be used to replace real smoking of cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not there to take the place of the traditional cigarette and encourage smokers to continue with their smoking habits. By this, you will be trading one devil for the other, because though e-cigarettes are a healthier option than traditional ones but they still contain nicotine. Apart from this they also possess health risk similar to traditional smoking of cigarettes. Yes, but because they do not contain toxic substances like DDT, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic and other carcinogens, they are much safer.

The existence of e-cigarettes is only there to make you conveniently quit smoking and not to develop another new addiction altogether. If you want to beat the nasty habit of smoking from today just have a look at some of the e-cigarette options you can opt for at . Quitting cigarette will not be such a difficult task with some amazing flavors that e-cigarettes offer.



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