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“UPDATE–After one year using this cbd extract to supplement treatment for stage 4 metastatic melanoma, and having been previously given 3-4 months of life-I am excited to share that since October 2015-one year after original diagnosis 2014, and now 5 months later-THERE IS NO ACTIVE CANCER IN MY BODY. I took a couple months off to clean out my system and now plan to continue to use the cbd to maintain my health. The medical doctors are amazed and have instructed me to keep doing what i have been.”

George Beaman

“I got this stuff because I know cbd is good for many things, for me, tremors, migraines, and tense muscles and stress…it works, but the problem is that most of this stuff is not strong enough they make it by boiling roots and seeds(waste products) which is what makes it weak…when I take other brands I take 3 to 3.5 times the regular dose, with your brand I took 2 times the dose and it took away all the side effects of the medicine I take. I take it 4 to 6 times a day. Better than prescription drugs for me. – Atlanta, GA”

Jerry H.

“This product is amazing! I have suffered pain for the last 6 years . I bought a 10 gram tube of the 41% oil and within minutes of the first dose I was experiencing some relief. I have been taking the oil now for almost 2 weeks and continue to have excellent results with both pain relief and anxiety. I would recommend this product to anyone needing improved health. This oil has the highest CBD concentration of any that I could find.others i tried were very dark and were not even close in strength and effectiveness. This is clearly the best”

S. Andrews Seattle,Washington

“I have been very happy with the tea. I had very strong doubts, but having IBS-D will make you want to try ANYTHING that might help. I took this for 2-3 days and then took an overnight trip out of town and didn’t take it with me and believe me, by the time I got home, I really knew I’d missed a dose. I will buy this again

William R.

“Hi name is Douglas , Im buying this cbd oil for my friend . he was in Canada taking cbd and thc oil but he had to come back to the uk and there is no high concentration of cbd oil anywhere in the uk . i just want to say thank you !!! for tiring to help people in need . Thank you again Douglas”

Douglas M. Edinburgh, U.K.

“Your skin serum has provided significant improvement to all my skin irritations (psoriasis) in very short time– about 2 weeks time. Plus, this product goes on nicely it almost melts into my skin but leaves no residue. My skin problems are improving daily, and I think I have tried every OTC and prescription creme and oil out there. I LOVE everything about this oil– it is natural, smells awesome, feels fabulous and it is helping my skin. For the first time in a long time, i can not wait to wake up in the morning and see what happened overnight!”

D. Camarra Houston,Texas

“Within minutes of taking your CBD Drops I felt some of my pent-up stress and anxiety begin to fade away.”
Mark W. Ft Pierce, Fl.

“This product is fantastic. I have suffered from chronic back pain and depression for years now and this product does the trick. The only problem I have with it is that in order for it to remain effective I have to take it multiple times a day and use my vape pen.”

J. Goldman Ithaca,N.Y.

“Fast Shipping. Great product that is helping me with my migraine headaches. It worked really well. And it also helped with my anxiety. Thank you. I’ll be reordering soon. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.”

Pablo C.




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