Most Powerful CBD Oil Tinctures Available in the USA

By April 6, 2018CBD Products
cbd oil tinctures

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a lot of benefits to offer. It can help you decompress after a long day at work, improve your sleep, and more. But for many people, CBD does more than provide a boost to getting through the day. For those living with chronic and serious health conditions like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, CBD can mean the difference between a day spent in bed and the ability to go out and have fun or even just run errands.

CBD is often favored by those with chronic health problems not only due to its effectiveness, but also because of its versatility. Insomnia, gastrointestinal difficulties, and headaches are common among people with chronic illness. Some problems may be exacerbated or brought on by medications. CBD is popular because of its ability to lessen so many different symptoms. It’s not a cure or treatment – but it can help alleviate pain and other issues. CBD is preferable when compared to carrying around a dozen different medicines of questionable effectiveness and sometimes troubling side effects.

Of course one of the biggest things to consider for those using CBD to improve symptoms is the dosage. Newcomers to CBD are encouraged to start with a lower amount and adjust to find the ideal dose. But when you’re dealing with severe pain and other debilitating issues, a high dose is often desired. Certainly with a higher dose, even as an experienced CBD user, it’s best to start off taking it at home in case it’s sedating.

Selecting CBD Oil Tinctures

If you’ve decided to try a higher dose of CBD for managing your illness, it’s important to think not only about dosage, but also quality. CBD is usually extracted from hemp, and the hemp plant is known for its ability to soak up toxic chemicals from soil. What this means is when dealing with lower-quality CBD products you may be consuming pesticides and heavy metals unknowingly!

Another thing to keep in mind regarding quality is testing. Reputable CBD suppliers, such as Every Day Optimal, use thorough 3rd party testing to certify that their product claims are accurate concerning purity, dosage, and quality. Since the CBD industry is not yet strictly regulated there are unfortunately some who are willing to take advantage of people by selling products that don’t really contain CBD. It’s therefore recommended to shop only from suppliers who submit all their products to independent testing.

What Are the Most Potent CBD Oils Available?

So with all that in mind, where can you find the strongest CBD oil? Every Day Optimal is one of the leading CBD suppliers in the U.S. and they offer CBD tinctures in a wide variety of doses, including some of the strongest and most potent available on the market. Their strongest tinctures are:

  • 1800mg: $159.95. Each dose contains 30 mg CBD.
  • 2000mg: $169.99. Each dose contains 33.3 mg CBD.
  • 4000mg: $289.99. Each dose contains 60 mg CBD.

cbd oil tincture

In each bottle is enough CBD for approximately 60 doses. These tinctures are meant to be ingested sublingually (under the tongue) or by adding to food or drink. Each dosage contains pure CBD oil along with organic hemp oil, grapeseed oil, MCT oil, and light peppermint flavor. These tinctures are made with CBD extracted from high-quality industrial hemp, free of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals. They are gluten-free, vegan, and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Every Day Optimal also offers a number of other CBD products, including edibles, capsules, vape liquids, and medium to lower dosage tinctures. Click here to browse their full selection of products.




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