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There are just a few options when it comes to hemp drops.  Some hemp oils are extracted from parts of the cannabis plant which is not legal to ship and sell on the internet. This product, like every product at, is 100% legal to buy and use in the US and in 40 other countries.

Our hemp Oil is extracted from industrial hemp which contains very little to no THC.  From a legal stand point it is the same as buying hemp oil at your grocery store.  But from a health benefit point of view, our products have a higher concentration of hemp than hemp oil bought at the local store.

HempOil 250MG / 30ML – 1 OZ Original Flavor No.1

Feel Good contains 250mg of hemp per bottle. Each serving will give you about 8mg of hemp and there are about 40 servings per container.  So at the recommended serving size the bottle should last up to 2 months with steady use. †

Our premium quality hemp drops are made by means of Co2 extraction, which leaves a highly concentrated, totally pure extract that is more easily digested and assimilated, combined with 100% pure, cold pressed, imported, hemp seed oil to produce the targeted concentration.

How to Use

This is a sublingual product.  Simply squeeze the recommended serving under your tongue, hold for 90 seconds, and then swallow. 


•100% pure, cold pressed, imported Hemp Seed Oil

•Co2 extracted Hemp Oil

•Pure Hemp Isolate Concentrate





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