The Grand Question Answered, “Is Vaping Better Than Ingestion of CBD?”

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Human beings are natively intellectual creatures who often try to figure out multiple solutions to a single problem. This concept of theirs has been even more so brought into contrast through the weird yet surprisingly accurate proverb “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. But what does this has to do with the topic at hand?

Well, conveniently enough the core concept that surrounds the said proverb makes it even more so applicable in the world of Cannabis. With the rising awareness of the highly imploring beneficial effects of cannabidiol (CBD), the mass populations are now getting more and more inclined towards the consumption of CBD to experience its medical benefits. However, people who are newly getting penetrated into this particular dimension might get a little puzzled due to the wide variety of available ways  to consume CBD ranging from sublingual sprays, vaping CBD Oils to the classical method of smoking well made joints.

The core aim of this article is to analyze these methods and contrast between Vaporization to help you appreciate the extra added advantage that the technique of vaporization has over any other form of CBD consumption.

The Difference In CBD Bioavailability  

When looking at the whole scene of CBD consumption, as a general trend it can be seen that not all CBD that you consume will directly affect the mechanism of your body. Instead, only a certain percentage of the total consumed CBD will be able to enter your blood stream and help you achieve the desired effects.

Speaking in strictly scientific terms, this “percentage” is called bioavailability and it is highly dependent on the method you choose to expose your body to CBD.  For example, whenever you are taking in CBD orally, the bioavailability clocks at around 15%. Meaning that for every 100milligrams of CBD that you consume orally, your body will only inherit 15 milligrams.

To fully be able to realize why such phenomena takes place, you need to understand that two very strong reasons are behind the whole system that facilitates the bioavailability of consumed CBD in the body.

  • The first point here that you should understand is that CBD is not necessarily hydrophilic! Meaning, it absolutely hates water and denies making bonds with it, or in other terms it is not “water soluble” and acts similarly when trying to mix oil with vinegar.

Usually what happens here is that CBD tends to enter the blood stream and instead of incorporating itself with it, it congregates around the fatty tissues. This unfortunate event ultimately decreases the level of bioactive CBD available to the active site and greatly waters down the bioavailability of CBD.

  • Before explaining the second point, you should first appreciate the fact that any kind of organic substance that enters the body, first has to pass through the liver. CBD, being an organic substance also has to face this transition where the liver yet again largely decreased down the amount of CBD through absorption or via the breaking down actions of molecular enzyme. This whole mechanism is referred to as the “First-Pass” effect which recalls that any organic material passing through the liver will face a drastic cut down in the concentration of its bioactive compounds.

The Burning Answer: How Is Vaping Going To Minimize The Loss

Now you should know that there are actually multiple ways through which you will be able to minimize the loss of CBD and enhance the level of absorption in your bloodstream.

The most common idea that comes to mind first is to try and make the ingested CBD more water friendly so that it is introduced into the bloodstream in a hydrophilic form. While this might work in theory, it would still require you to take the help of a number of complex chemical concoctions such as cyclodextrins or liposomes.

The out of the box solution here is to absolutely eliminate the first-pass effect experienced through oral administration by altering the route and going for the technique of vaporization.

Think about it! When you are taking in CBD through vaporization, the CBD literally turns into vapor and enters your lungs and directly into the bloodstream instead of passing through your liver or gut. This results in the total elimination of the first-pass effect, increasing the availability of CBD to nearly four times in comparison to that oral ingestion. In other words, you are increasing the maximum bioavailability of CBD to approximately 50-60%, allowing to attain all the benefits of CBD with very little amount consumed.

But is that all? Not really! Vaping CBD also greatly decreases the amount of time required for the CBD to become active in your body since this process eliminates the need of it to travel through the gut. It has been accurately estimated that when vaporizing CBD through E-Liquid or High-CBD concentrates, the effects starts to show up only after 30-60 minutes, making this the rapidest and most efficient CBD delivery method to date!

Our final advice here would be to encourage you in performing a very thorough research on the concentrate that you choose before letting yourself go in to the realm of CBD vaping. Due to the absence of a very strong and strict regulatory system, there are only a handful of companies that are able to produce a finely crafted homogenous CBD solution that is consistent with the information provided on the labeling. It is always wise to ask for first party and third party lab test results just to make sure that you are receiving the very best.



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    This was a topic that always kept me thinking. I had both options in front of me, but the confusion prevented me from going with either of them. This article did a whole lot to help me understand the difference between the two forms of Marijuana ingestion. But even still, perhaps I am primarily going to go with Vapes instead of CBD oil. At least for the time being!

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