Rubi Oil Vaporizer Review

By July 30, 2018CBD News, Vaporizers
rubi oil vaporizer

KandyPens Rubi oil vaporizer weighs lightly and is one of the tiniest of its kind in the market. It guarantees quality vapor, discreetness and convenience making it outstanding from other open system pod vaporizers. It comes at a very affordable price and is widely available.  It is just 4 inches high and has a featherweight rendering it one of the easily portable KandyPens. The tank is made from OCELL Ceramic with powerful coils which produce powerful real flavored vapors from your favorite e-juice. An in-built temperature regulated battery maintains the perfect temperature for juice or oil vaporization. Kandypens has managed to rid the power button activation and replaced it with a draw activation which is much more comfortable and convenient.

Unlike other e-liquid vapes which come with prefilled cartridges, KandyPens feather has a refillable tank which can be filled with up to 1 millimeter of oil or juice.

Feather Box components

  • KandyPensRubi
  • One-millimeter refillable Rubi pod
  • micro-USB cable

Feather’s special features

  • A Compatible with a variety of e-liquids
  • One-millimeter Rubi pod can be filled w/ any e-liquid you want
  • A draw activated the system, no power button needed
  • A Micro-USB cable can be easily replaced
  • It is completely leak proof


Rubi oil vaporizer comes with a 280 mAh battery. The battery lasts for 1- 2 hours which is about 250 draws. It is easy to recharge the battery using any USB cable, and it takes less than an hour and a half to be fully charged.

Built and structure

The unit is roughly four inches tall, and 0.5 inches by a 1-inch base.  It has a rounded design which makes it more elegant than other oil vaporizers. The mouthpiece fits tightly into the body of the main device and is easily refillable. The outer shell is made of ceramic cover hence you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

How Rubi works

  • Remove the mouthpiece from Rubi’s body.
  • Open the pod by removing the rubber stopper,
  • fill the pod with your e-liquid and replace the stopper to close it
  • Prime the Rubi pod. This is achieved by inhaling the three to five times through the mouthpiece. This will saturate your pod coils and prevent dry hits.
  • Replace the mouthpiece back onto the device and inhale then inhale to activate

Although Rubi marijuana vaporizer might be taller than other e-cigs of its caliber, its 4mm height still renders it small compared to its power. Its smooth and round design makes it hard to despise, the mouthpiece is gentle and comfortable on the lips, and it is easy to remove and replace during the fill-up process. It is easy to refill the KandyanRubi, but care should be exercised to avoid spills. Just remove the rubber stopper from the pod fill up and then replace it

Rubi has been heavily criticized for not having a window to display the liquid level, as this might be a big disappointment it does not overshadow all other special cool feature on The Kandypen. It will however not hurt to remove the cap check the level then restart your device.

With dozens of e-cigs in the market, you may ask yourself what makes KandyPens RUBI stand-out? Well, Rubi features a 280mAh battery. This battery has a fast charge time of half an hour, using the provided micro USB charger. With a fully charged battery you can now draw up to 50 draws making you enjoy a whole day of vaping.

Another extraordinary feature is that the battery is draw activated hence no cumbersome button techniques required. All you need to do is inhale through the mouthpiece, and the game is on! Rubi automatically shuts-off after 8 seconds of no use to conserve the charge.


It is easy to clean and maintain the Rubi Oil Vaporizer. However, you need to frequently clean it to rid stains and any oil residue which might get stuck in the chamber. You only need to clean the chamber by flashing in the ISO after which you give it time to dry. It is also advisable to charge the device before you start using it. Also, check and replace the worn out part whenever necessary.

Rubivape pen compared to other oil vape pens

Rubi vs. JUUL

Rubi has the upper hand compared to JUUL oil vaporizer in that it is refillable, unlike the JUUL which requires you to purchase a prefilled chamber. However, both have many similar features such as a cool look, great vapor quality.  JUUL is however designed only for nic salts with a slightly hard draw resistance. Both are ideal CBD vaporizers

Rubi versus Vapedynamics Cora

Cora is one of the best oil vaporizers in the market. It is more versatile than Rubi, give it that. They both have open pod systems and quality battery, Cora’s is twice the size of Rubi’s. Rubi has draw activation while Cora has a button activation system.



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