Who Says CBD And Beer Don’t Go Along Well? The UK Disagrees!

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buffalo soldier beer

For both beer and cannabis lovers out there, just the idea of beer and cannabidiol mixed together calls for a celebration, what more now that it’s going to be sold in the United Kingdom! Can you guess the brand name?

This glorious beer is about to hit UK’s pub shelves real soon. Known as Buffalo Soldier Hemp Ale, (the name itself sounds delicious!), it is infused and chemically engineered with cannabis oil as the name implies.

In just a span of a few more weeks, this legendary new drink will soon be released by the Stockton Brewing Company in Durham, England.

Excited? So are we! But we’re not the only ones who can’t wait to taste this beer. According to a Buffalo Soldier spokesperson,

“The lads were excited about creating the product and are happy to be part of the first ale in the UK to contain cannabis oil,”

It was also stated that the first batch will be ready in six weeks. After a lot of questions, the company has got a feeling that the product will surely be in demand and sell out quickly.

Can it get you stoned/drunk?

Unfortunately, while it can tickle the person with extremely low alcoholic tolerance, it won’t affect the regular drinker as well as get anyone high. The alcohol content is around 3.8 % while the cannabis oil lacks THC in content. THC is a powerful psychoactive compound that gets its users high, so don’t worry about getting stoned since THC has been removed.

It does however, contain CBD, also known as cannabidiol, a very potent cannabinoid compound that is known for its effectiveness in medical purposes. This drink has earned the nickname, “refreshing blonde ale” due to the absence of THC as well as it’s minimal alcoholic content.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in the UK, not only will you be able to buy this beer at an affordable retail price about £3.50 ($5 USD) You can now also get CBD oil produced from hemp in any pharmacy around the country.

The Name Game

Of all names that could have been used, why Buffalo Soldier?

It sounds like a really strong alcoholic drink when reality, it’s pretty mild. If this question ever crossed your mind while reading the first part of this article, here’s why:

The company responsible for the production of this drink has made the decision to name their new product as “Buffalo Soldier” inspired by the popular reggae legend- yes, you’ve guessed it, dreadlocks and all the music, the legendary Bob Marley!

Bob Marley and the Wailers recorded the song “Buffalo Soldier” before his death in 1981.

After being released as part of the 1983 album Confrontation, it became a worldwide hit single in just a short span of time! The title was inspired from the black soldiers who served with the U.S. cavalry as well as the Civil War.

Is Buffalo Soldier The Only CBD Infused Beer In The UK?

Buffalo Soldier is the first CBD beer to be sold in the UK. Or is it?

Fortune stated last year that Coalition Brewing in Portland, Oregon had been using CBD in their beers even before Buffalo Soldier did. The company infuses its Two Flowers IPA with both CBD and hemp juice.

One of the co-founders of Coalition Brewing, Elan Walsky, believes that cannabis and brewing are a match made in heaven.

According to him, the creation of hemp-infused beers has opened a new door of endless possibilities for the company. There’s a good balance and relationship between the beer and marijuana industry that focuses on creativity and availability of local, raw materials.

But all this doesn’t stop only in the UK. Even in America, a few companies have also started to brew their own recipes that include cannabis in most of their products. Last year in California, Lagunitas Brewing Company created an ale they named “Supercritical”. The same company infused that beer with terpenes found in cannabis to give the complex flavor strong hints of lemon and grass. (Yum!) However, needless to say, Supercritical’s limited release was only available on draft. It might not be available anytime soon on the market.

So When Can We Finally Get A Sip Of Buffalo Soldier?

The director of communications for Lagunitas Brewing, Karen Hamilton, states that the company wants to try again and give the infused beer another chance on the market.

“What I can tell you now is that we are planning to brew it again and we learn more as we move forward and there’s a whole big country out there,” she said. “Right now we are going through some additional paperwork. When that’s complete, it will be determined when we are brewing it again.”

For those living in the UK, the Buffalo Soldier Hemp Ale will most likely hit the stocks of pubs and shops in April. Oscar’s Gin Bar in Stockton and other local establishments are already in line for their first orders.



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