What does sublingual and bioavailability mean for CBD

By April 16, 2018CBD Medical Uses, CBD News
sublingual bioavailability cbd

You may have come across terms like sublingual and bioavailability on the internet before.  Exactly, what do they mean?


Bioavailability may appear like a very confusing concept. However, this is far from the truth. If you have a basic understanding of how biological functions in the body works, you will be in a good position to grasp what it is.

When you ingest anything – whether its water, a supplement, food, or some other materials like CBD – your body automatically has to process it and suck it up in your bloodstream.

Of course, CBD is a strong substance with powerful restorative and healing abilities. However, the manner in which you consume it can largely determine how much impact it can have on your body.  Actually, this is where bioavailability comes in.

Bioavailability is a measure of how potent your CBD dose will be. Usually, depending on the form Cannabidiol (CBD) is in, the bioavailability might differ. For instance, vaping CBD guarantees a higher bioavailability, while taking CBD capsules gives a low bioavailability.

How bioavailability works

When you orally intake CBD, it is ingested just like water or food would be. It goes through your digestive system and finally reaches the liver. The liver filters out substances that are deemed unfit for the body.

Unfortunately, when you intake CBD orally, your body filters a big percentage of CBD’s nutrients. This is not because they are harmful to the body; it’s just that, the liver is meant to filter out a lot of substances. In other words, this is what causes low bioavailability.

Through oral ingestion, CBD molecules take more time to reach your bloodstream, and this greatly reduces their potency. By the time CBD nutrients make into your system, you are only absorbing very little, which makes no biological sense to your body.

Getting CBD with high bioavailability

There are other methods of consuming CBD that guarantees a high bioavailability. Vaping is one of those methods. When you vape CBD, you usually bypass the digestive system. You send CBD directly to your lungs, which are known to have countless veins and blood vessels. Obviously, from the lungs, the CBD is sucked in instantly into your bloodstream. Through this method, you will realize the benefits of CBD sooner and get more of it absorbed into your bloodstream without any reduction in effectiveness or potency.

What does sublingual mean?

When compared to bioavailability, the sublingual concept is easier to understand. The word sublingual comes from two Latin words namely; sub and lingual. Lingual means tongue while sub means under. Therefore, bilingual in layman’s terms means, “under the tongue”.

In regards to CBD, sublingual normally describes a CBD intake method.  Simply, sublingual administration of CBD refers to taking it under the tongue. What exactly is the idea behind this?

Well, you already aware of the salivary glands located under your tongue. Saliva helps you in chewing and digesting any kind of food you put in your mouth. By sublingually administering the CBD, you chose to get a more direct and powerful dose of CBD to your bloodstream. With this, you keep the bioavailability high and guarantee it effectiveness and potency.

CBD intake methods

What are the most common methods of in taking CBD? Some of the most common forms of CBD include capsules, rubs, lip balms, creams, tinctures and more.  What you choose will greatly depend on your situation. For example, if you suffer from sore joints and arthritis, the idea of massaging or rubbing CBD into your muscles may be an ideal option.

If you are an epileptic patient, you may opt to inhale or vape CBD so that you get the highest bioavailability possible. On the other hand, some people may opt to take CBD capsules since they are easy to ingest and convenient to carry.

Whatever the case, you should be ready to try out different intake methods of CBD prior to making an official decision. It may take time to get the best CBD dosage for you; however, your efforts will pay off in the long run. What you need to understand is that there is no a one-fit-all method of ingesting CBD. What is good for you may not be ideal for the other person.



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