Toddler Treated With Cannabis Oil

By April 16, 2018CBD Medical Uses
toddler cannabis oil

Carter Paddleford, a toddler who was born to 21-year old Shai-Anne Sifford and Zach Paddleford was diagnosed with a rare skin condition. The young parents got more than they bargained for when their young son was born with this skin condition.

Thy disclose that when he was born, he was all red as a tomato and was later diagnosed of lamellar ichthyosis genetic disorder just three days after he was born. The boy whose skin condition affected the outer layer of his body causing him to have scales and most especially have painful tight skin which usually pains him when it cracks. This happened in November, 2016. The young parents tried giving him two oatmeal baths everyday in order to suit his cries and pain. They also covered him with coconut oil and shea butter which is said to be medicinal but all proved abortive and they became perplexed as the cries of their son breaks their heart.

They also tried exfoliating his skin every three days but this experience was most dreaded by the parents. Carter Paddleford, with this skin condition, he was unable to make any move as a child and even found it difficult to close his eyes. Digging further, we found out that this genetic disorder causes one’s body to be like the scales of a fish and when removed, it generally hurts.

However, the mother of the toddler Shai-Anne disclosed that she read somewhere about the benefits which can be generated with cannabis oil and decided to try it since it is legal in Las Vegas, Nevada where they lived. Trying it on little Carter, there was so much improvement that she kept using it to rub on his body, the scales continued to soften and his skin became softer and he began to move about like every other baby.

Shai-Anne have this to say ‘ Doctors didn’t offer much help, maybe because they didn’t know what to do, when i read about the impact cannabis oil can do to a chronic skin disease, i decided to try it out. I mixed the oil in his bathing gel and homemade butter. Since using it, his skin has loosened up and he does not have to undergo the very painful exfoliation sessions. He use to have open wounds around his eyes that will keep bleeding but all is healing now. Carter is really a happier child now.

‘I’m a medicinal user and that is why i decided to try it out,’ she continued. ‘His eyes could never close completely but since i started using the oil, he can close his eyes even though not completely.’

The mother also disclosed that she cannot stop using cannabis oil at the moment as she fears his healing might regress so even though it has not completely cleared, she’s hopeful that Carter will heal completely.

Terminal Diseases Cannabis also cures

Cannabis, as a drug has a high positive effect in the life of people. It cures so many life threatening diseases in the life of people. So as much as it is dangerous to the health, it is also most effective in treating some diseases like cancer, glaucoma, Alzheimer, epilepsy and others.

Studies have shown that cannabis has a very high healing on people suffering from terminal diseases, glaucoma doctors have disclosed that cannabis helps reduce the pressure the patients feel on their eyes so it helps regulate their eye sights.

To victims of lung cancer, once cannabis makes contact with the cancer, it regresses giving the person healing, however, medical doctors have not disclosed if it gives total healing to lung cancer patients.

Then, to patients of Alzheimer, it helps them in regaining their memory loss and reduces the progress of the disease in their body. By so doing, it grants the patients time to live a good enriching lives.

As everything on earth, cannabis also have disadvantages and as medics always advise, it should never be taken without the prescription of the medical doctor in charge as in that way, you will ensure the quantity one should take at any particular time.

Medicinal plants are good but quantity taken or applied is always the issue.



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