Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD? The Complicated Question Answered!

By May 6, 2017Drug Tests
cannabis drug test

If you are an employed person, then chances that at one point or another you have come across a drug test! If not, then rest assured that you are going to be facing one pretty soon.

But here’s the thing. Patients who have been taking CBD or are interested in taking CBD are always afraid of the fact that ingesting CBD might eventually lead them to fail a drug test.

Due to the extremely tight legal system of America, failing a drug test is actually a very serious offense and can lead to being fired from a job!

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is a little bit more complicated than a simple “Yes” or “No”!

Let me start off with the good news, the drug test that is usually conducted in offices or various locations aren’t exactly designed to test CBD.


Simply because the chemicals that are present in a drug test don’t necessarily react with CBD!

But don’t get your hopes high just yet! As there are a number of different factors which you should keep in mind.

Most of the CBD products that are commercially available aren’t really 100% pure. In reality, they are CBD rich but are not completely isolated CBD. They contain a mixture of different chemicals alongside CBD (including THC).

So, while drug tests won’t detect CBD. Rigorous drug test might easily detect the THC if it is available in ample amount in your body.

Will CBD oil make you fail a drug test? Theoretically, if you were to simply take an isolated form of CBD, then you are completely free from the risk of being detected.

But since in reality, that is not the case, there always remains a possibility that the residual THC in your CBD rich product might show up on the drug test.

To put it in absolute layman’s terms, as long there’s THC in your body; you could very well fail a drug test.

However, since drug tests are designed to respond to only trace amounts of THC in your body, whether or not you pass the test largely depends on the amount of CBD you took.

How long does CBD Oil Last in Your System

A small dose of CBD oil won’t matter as the amount of accompanying THC would be very low. However, if you take a large dose of CBD, then there remains a possibility that THC might be present in enough quantity to be able to be detected by a drug test.

A small yet detailed study showed that as long you are taking 300mg of CBD hemp oil daily, you are on the safe side!

But that is not a guarantee though! Keeping your daily intake under 300mg would increase your possibility of passing a drug test to 90%!

What about the 10%?

As mentioned earlier, aside from the amount of THC in your blood, there are other factors that may very well contribute to the result of your drug test which includes your metabolism and health condition as well as any other medication which you might take.

And then there’s also a thing called the “Entourage Effect”.

This is a complex interaction that occurs between the different types of cannabinoid present in your strain. These interactions might sometime produce various effects depending on the combination of cannabinoid which you have consumed or even your body’s physiology.

In some cases, these effects might end up blocking up certain enzymes that help to break down THC. This means that more THC remains in your bloodstream which increases the possibility of you failing a drug test.

These complex metabolic interactions mean that even the genetic and chemical makeup of cannabis and your body comes into play here!

A cannabis combination that works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa!

So, all of these contribute to the rest of the 10% which might make you fail a drug test.

The answer then?

I am pretty sure that you can now understand why the answer to this question is so complicated. As long you are taking an isolated CBD sample, it won’t show up in your drug test!

But that is impossible in real life! So your best bet is to keep your CBD consumption to less than 300mg each day and you should be good to go!

But always bear in mind that due to the complicated nature of CBD, the possibility of failing a test will always be there.




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